USS Doyle concludes search, rescue, and relief effort

USS Doyle concludes search, rescue, and relief effort

BILA III – The USS Doyle arrived in orbit around Bila III to coordinate with another Starfleet vessel in helping the people of Bila save themselves and their planet.
The crew of the USS Doyle, NC-80221-A, had orchestrated search and rescue plans with the USS Ballard, NCC-78931. The crew of the Doyle sent out two away teams, the first led by the Doyle’s First Officer was beamed down to the planet’s surface to gather data and do what they could to help the people. The second team was led by the Captain himself, much to the protest of at least one very annoyed officer, was sent to investigate a mysterious ship that hovered in orbit above the planet as well as shut down the dampening field that was interfering with communications.
The planetside away team had their hands full rallying the locals. The team managed to save a pregnant woman from a burning building, take her to an evac center and meet up with the Marines and a Doctor from the Ballard. The team took their readings, stunned and captured the woman behind the planet’s destruction, and managed to deactivate the fail safe that almost destroyed the planet. The captured woman killed herself in custody not long later. Also saved, were a number of escaped slaves who were beamed into the brig and are waiting clearance to be released.
When members of the crew were asked how they felt about the incident on Bila, these were their responses:
“This is an exhausting career but saving just one life, let alone a planet, is the greatest reward you could ever hope to get,” said Ensign Cassandra Ezi.
“Being a doctor and coming to the aid of a fellow man is quite satisfying in its self, but when you put it on a planetary level. It become almost overwhelming to comprehend,” said Ensign Brandon Craig.
“My only regret is that those under my command received injury,” added Sergeant Karl Volkening.
The shipside away team discovered the mystery ship was a slave ship, encountered a large bug, lowered the dampening field, and had a console explode on them wounding a good number of the Marines, the Doyle’s Captain, as well as the Doyle’s HCO Officer. They were beamed back to the Doyle for medical treatment. Shortly after the ship exploded in a sparkling display. The origin of the explosion is still unknown.
With the planet saved, the Governor headed home to Bila III to begin the reconstruction and rebuilding of her planet. The crews of the USS Ballard and Doyle have wrapped things up and are taking themselves back to Deep Space 285 for a nice relaxing shore leave.

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