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Doyle crew in recovery as most wake from nightmare

DEEP SPACE 285 — Now freed from a dream world, the crew of the USS Doyle have taken to Deep Space 285 for much needed morale restoration

There is still some mystery surrounding what happened on the USS Doyle that caused all of its crew to go to sleep. Reports have come in from various sources that during the time that the Doyle was out of communication, they were all engaged in a rather intense dream about the Old West era on Earth.

“It was strange,” said Karolina Cranford of the Starfleet Marines, who reported that people went missing in the dream. “I vaguely remember in one part of the dream Commander Cody being Sheriff, but I clearly remember reporting to Sheriff Danara.”

“But it was just a dream,” she added.

However, not everyone was as forthcoming about their experience.

“If you are looking for what happened on our latest mission, then you will have to talk to Starfleet Command,” said Lieutenant Commander Alexander Bishop. “I have something more important to do.”

“I guess you could say we’ve been living the dream,” joked Ensign Horatio Caine.

Yet not all was harmless in the dream. The crew of the Doyle is currently mourning the loss of one of their own. Colonel Nugra, the Gorn CO of the Doyle’s Marine Contingent sacrificed himself to orchestrate the crew’s safe exit from the overpowering dream world.

Nugra’s death is being mourned the only way his friends see fit and is being hosted on DS285 to allow the crew of the Doyle some space while those from all over the Federation come and pay their respects.

Since the crew’s return from the dream, there have been a few new faces, but one stood out more than most, a human male who calls himself John Nugra. This investigative reporter was unable to find out any information on the man other than he returned with the Doyle and was repeatedly blocked by JAG, but we won’t stop until we find out his connection with what happened on the ship the he arrived on.

Meanwhile, answers regarding what happened at the disastrous ball on Deep Space 285 have finally come to light. As was reported earlier, one of the patrons on the ball was suspected of drugging another officer. During the course of the interrogation, the suspect died. His interrogator Lieutenant Commander Lan Riel was taken into custody and at the request of Captain Selene Faranfey, held on the Doyle during the investigation. Last we heard there were charges pending regarding misuse of telepathy, manslaughter, and conduct unbecoming. There was talk from our source in JAG that they were looking at additional charges, including murder.

Through the course of their investigation, while the Doyle was out on their latest mission, JAG reviewed the case, examined the evidence and spoke to character witnesses for the officer. At the end of the day, the death was ruled in self-defense. Although there are some questions as to why, when released, the officer had been demoted to Lieutenant JG. We’ll keep you updated with what we uncover as to the cause of this demotion.

Recollections of life before Reverie Rock

REVERIE ROCK — The crew of the USS Doyle have been trapped in a dream world, which takes on the form of a small town in the Wild West.

All eyes on the Starfleet Annual Ball

DEEP SPACE 285 — The Starfleet Annual Ball on Deep Space 285 was the place to be this month, with the rescued crew of the USS Doyle-A attending as guests of honor.

Starfleet crew frees themselves from slave traders

BRIAR PATCH — The crew of the USS Doyle-A has escaped their captivity from the slaver group Sisterhood of Chains.

Doyle crew goes missing while on routine mission

BRIAR PATCH — In a strange and worrying turn of events, the USS Sheffield, commanded by a skeleton crew from the USS Doyle-A, has been reported missing in the Briar Patch.

Mystery deepens on Deep Space 285

DEEP SPACE 285 — The crew of the USS Doyle-A discovered there was more to the murder of Vladimir VonHusan than originally anticipated.

Murder mystery on Deep Space 285

DEEP SPACE 285 — The USS Doyle crew found their leave interrupted with a murder on the starbase.

Hoping to find rest and relaxation during shore leave, the crew of USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A, found itself instead in the middle of a new mystery. Found in his broken vessel on the way back from Omicrom Herculis, Vladimir Von Husam was escorted back to Deep Space 285, where he was reported to be seen with a number of questionable individuals. Unfortunately, he was unable to comment on the matter after being found dead on the promenade.

Given the nature of the death, Captain Shether Faranster commissioned the crew of the Doyle-A to investigate the possible homicide. Therefore, much to the despair of the of the ship’s medical department, they were pulled from leave to investigate. Resources were also taken from the marines and security to provide support to the investigation. An autopsy is underway and will be shared publicly once completed.

Meanwhile, the science labs are being closed off due to a malfunction of one of the replicators beginning to act erratically and producing an unknown substance. Upon running a spectral analysis, it is likely that it is indeed toxic and could put personnel at risk. At this time, it cannot be reported if the replicator is a random occurrence or a targeted terrorist attack. In either case, precautions are being taken to avoid further contamination.

However, being docked on the starbase for an extended amount of time may in fact be a blessing in disguise. Upon review by the ship’s new Chief Engineer, it was found that the ship had taken fairly serious damage and will undergo some much needed repairs so that they are up and running again by the time that the Doyle is called into service once more.

“I didn’t do it, I don’t think. Downloading my assignments should not have caused the systems to overload to this degree,” said Joella Christin of some of the malfunctions within Engineering. “I am sure there is something else going on.”

Lastly, the Doyle welcomed two individuals. Ensign Phlair joined as the ship’s new engineer, fresh from the academy. Additionally, Lieutenant Commander Nemitor Atimen returned from leave to assist the ship in her duties.

USS Doyle returns from Omicron Herculis after costly victory

DEEP SPACE 285 – The USS Doyle-A crew returned from the Omicron Herculis System to regroup from their mission.

The past month for the USS Doyle-A (NCC-80221-A) has been one mixed with both success and close calls. Upon arriving at Omicron Herculis, both away teams sent to examine the planet became infected with bio-agents which caused their exploration to end early. With emergency beam outs to the medical bay, all infected personnel were put under quarantine until a cure could be found.

Meanwhile, help had been sent from Deep Space 285 with the arrival of the USS Sacred Heart. The medical vessel was quick to action, or much to the chagrin of Commander Faranfey, too forward in their actions as the commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Joan Hart, beamed off one of the infected personnel to her ship without notifying the Doyle. Although purportedly it was to assist the patient Ensign Aurora, a Deltan with a unique physiology, tensions did rise between the two officers.

In sickbay, emotions were at a high trying to treat the patients which had become infected. Lieutenants Bishop and Craig worked tirelessly to treat the infected.

When attempting to contact the Chief Medical Officer on how they managed to find a cure in such a short period of time we were told, “If you are looking for what happened on our latest mission, then you will have to talk to Starfleet command. Please excuse me, I have something more important to do.”

It appears the secret to the cure will have to wait until those documents become declassified.

However, the mission was still a success with the capture of wanted criminal Fairioni K’Ariadust, who is known to have ties to Klingon extremists. Additionally, there was a successful rescue of the Doyle’s Chief HCO officer, Ceciri Hakashri, Fairioni’s daughter. While the mission was a success, many people on the planet died due to the bioweapon, and K’Ariadust awaits trial for her actions. As of now, there have been no requests to have her extradited for her crimes by Cygnet XIV.

Due to the emotional stress put upon the Doyle’s crew in their last mission, a number of officers had to take time off to step away from their positions. Most notable was the resignation of the First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly. She will be missed by her crew and they hope that she will be able to return soon. Additionally, Lieutenant Commander Ceciri Hakashri decided to step down from her chief role to focus on other matters. Lastly, Lieutenant Commander Nemitor Atimen has also stepped away for personal reasons, perhaps due to the surprise visit of his brother on Deep Space 285. Lieutenant Commander Phos has also stepped down and has been unable to be located for comment.

While it was sad to see so many people go, the Doyle is more than happy to welcome the following new personnel. Lieutenant Kyle Barret who will be replacing Commander Atimen as the Chief Engineer. In the Sciences division, Lieutenant Commander Tsuki Kazeyama will be stepping up as the Chief Science Officer. For another twist of fate, Colonel Nugra, former Commanding Officer of the USS Victory has also joined the crew as the Marine Commanding Officer. With talent like this, the Doyle is sure to have its next mission be a roaring success.

The crew would also like to welcome aboard two new ensigns fresh from the Academy. They are Ensigns Saavei and X’al Empic! F’ren‎, who will be joining the Science and Intelligence departments respectively.

USS Doyle investigates mysterious silence from colony

OMICRON HERCULIS SYSTEM – The USS Doyle crew was sent to the Omicron Herculis System to investigate the silence of a Starfleet colony only to be met with a series of unfortunate events.

Breaking News
Rogue Klingon Birds of Prey took the Doyle by surprise and kidnapped the HCO Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ceciri Hakashri. The meaning behind this seemingly deliberate attack is still unknown. The Doyle and her crew are making every effort possible to rescue the officer as well as complete the mission assigned to them. In addition the Doyle is attempting to fight back against any further attacks made against the Birds of Prey.

In Other News
A Bioweapon was unleashed on the Planet’s surface and has killed all life on the surface. Two away teams were sent down to the planet to investigate the situation. The first one was led by First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly to check out the colony. And the second team was sent to get readings on a storm, led by Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Phos.

Crash Landing
Lieutenant Commander Phos and her team managed to crash land on the planet after observing a massive storm. Their current status is alive and curious about what happened to the planet and the colony. They are currently exploring an underground cavern.

Medical Alert
Lieutenant Commander Holly is currently in the other shuttle with her team awaiting the shields of the Doyle to come down long enough for the shuttle to safely dock. The Commander’s team suffered exposure to the bio-agent while on the planet due to an Ensign’s clumsiness and an ambush that resulted in nearly all of the team taking damage and infecting them due to their now pierced bio-suits. Upon their return to the Doyle they will need to spend some time in the Isolation/Quarantine ward while they find a cure.

Saboteur Alert
Somewhere on Deck thirteen of the Doyle is a person who has been sabotaging the ship from the inside out, who this person is is still unknown. The Deck is currently under lockdown and is still being investigated by Marines and Security.

When asked about the going ons, this is what some of the crew had to say:

“I’m starting to see a pattern in the Doyle’s Missions – we keep dealing with planetary disasters!” – First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Holly.

While dealing with a shuttle’s power systems, Aurora was overheard saying, “I don’t think I am certified to handle these systems… “

When getting a drink, the Doyle’s lounge was experiencing technical difficulties which flustered the lead cook, Riordan, who had this to say when asked about the difficulties: “I don’t understand why these appliances keep malfunctioning!”

Amusingly it seems the Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Alexander Bishop, seemed in the dark throughout their latest mission: “Well to be completely honest, at the time, I had no fraking clue why we were in the biosuits to begin with.” Later we found that his whole team was infected anyway, so perhaps they were useless.

Finally, we caught up with the esteemed Captain of the Doyle, Commander Selene Faranfey, who had this to say, “If you are looking for what happened on our latest mission, then you will have to go through Starfleet command. Now, would you step aside, you’re blocking my exit.”

USS Doyle wraps up shore leave

DEEP SPACE 285 – The USS Doyle‘s crew wrapped up a relaxing shore leave on Deep Space 285.

The USS Doyle (NCC-80221-A) underwent a change of command as Captain Shelther Faranster passed off his command of the Doyle to Commander Selene Faranfey and took up residence himself as the commanding officer of Deep Space 285. Armed with a new first officer and a whole station to run, the captain has set his sights on giving the station much needed upgrades and a whole refit of the station while he’s at it.

In other news, Commander Faranfey has taken this shore leave to adjust to her new role as the commanding officer of the Doyle and has so far welcomed a few new crew members to the team as well as handing out promotions and awards from their latest mission, including the Purple Heart awarded to Captain Faranster. The Commander has a long road ahead of her and new relationships to forge in addition to a ship to run, but we’re confident she will lead the Doyle to new heights.

“All in all, it’s been better than our last shore leave,” said Lt. Alexander Bishop. “At least no one got stabbed and almost died this time.”

Meanwhile, a prominent dignitary from Duronis II was spotted being escorted by the station’s new first officer, Lieutenant Commander James. What The Right Honorable Lady Beatrix Phos the 4th Viscountess Terbern in the Great Kingdom of Damodara of Til’ahn was doing on the Station in the first place is still anyone’s guess but hopefully we’ll get to find out soon!

Commander Faranfey gave out several ribbons in the Award Category to several officers because they earned special commendations for services rendered in the name of Starfleet. The Purple Heart was received by Captain Shelther Faranster and Lieutenant Commander Ceciri Hakashri. The Lifesaving Ribbon was awarded to Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly, the newly promoted Lieutenant Aigle Phos, Ensign Brandon Craig, and Ensign Cassandra Ezi. Commander Faranfey also promoted two of her officers this shore leave: Lieutenant Aigle Phos to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and Ensign Brandon Craig to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

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