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Recollections of life before Reverie Rock

REVERIE ROCK — The crew of the USS Doyle have been trapped in a dream world, which takes on the form of a small town in the Wild West.

The USS Doyle has found itself away from DS285 and with the majority of the crew unconscious and trapped in a Wild West-themed dream world. The causes for this dream world are slowly coming to light but are still unknown. As far as we can tell, those trapped within the dream have no memory of Starfleet or of their real lives and are just playing the roles assigned to them by the source of the dream world.

In the dream world, madness and mayhem seem to have taken over Reverie Rock. What was once a peaceful small town has become embroiled in destruction and chaos. People’s emotions are running high, inspiring drama and confusion. The world itself seems to be in an uproar. Storms with unnatural green lightning have plagued the town, fires have broken out, and dozens of people have been killed, all of whom have woken up normally the next morning.

In addition to the storms, a bandit gang called Los Parasitos has taken to attacking the town on a daily basis. They hunt a man, locally known as Lucky, for unknown reasons. Lucky, commonly considered the town drunk, has been gunned down several times, though he always seems to be all right the next day. He has been quoted as saying, “Those parasites are sucking the life out of me.” Los Parasitos have even gone as far as kidnapping the Reverend Tonston and using her as a hostage.

Time seems to move very strangely these days in Reverie Rock. Many have reported memory problems and blackouts, and there seems to be a vagueness about the world in general. Several people, including Army Scout MacRae, have been seen by Doctor Bishop for phantom pains.

Slowly, the crew of the Doyle has been regaining their memories. Shiarrael, a Romulan liaison officer who had managed to stay awake, put herself into the dream world in order to start reminding people of who they are. She and Captain Faranfey have begun the search for the dream’s epicenter.

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