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USS Doyle wraps up shore leave

DEEP SPACE 285 – The USS Doyle‘s crew wrapped up a relaxing shore leave on Deep Space 285.

The USS Doyle (NCC-80221-A) underwent a change of command as Captain Shelther Faranster passed off his command of the Doyle to Commander Selene Faranfey and took up residence himself as the commanding officer of Deep Space 285. Armed with a new first officer and a whole station to run, the captain has set his sights on giving the station much needed upgrades and a whole refit of the station while he’s at it.

In other news, Commander Faranfey has taken this shore leave to adjust to her new role as the commanding officer of the Doyle and has so far welcomed a few new crew members to the team as well as handing out promotions and awards from their latest mission, including the Purple Heart awarded to Captain Faranster. The Commander has a long road ahead of her and new relationships to forge in addition to a ship to run, but we’re confident she will lead the Doyle to new heights.

“All in all, it’s been better than our last shore leave,” said Lt. Alexander Bishop. “At least no one got stabbed and almost died this time.”

Meanwhile, a prominent dignitary from Duronis II was spotted being escorted by the station’s new first officer, Lieutenant Commander James. What The Right Honorable Lady Beatrix Phos the 4th Viscountess Terbern in the Great Kingdom of Damodara of Til’ahn was doing on the Station in the first place is still anyone’s guess but hopefully we’ll get to find out soon!

Commander Faranfey gave out several ribbons in the Award Category to several officers because they earned special commendations for services rendered in the name of Starfleet. The Purple Heart was received by Captain Shelther Faranster and Lieutenant Commander Ceciri Hakashri. The Lifesaving Ribbon was awarded to Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly, the newly promoted Lieutenant Aigle Phos, Ensign Brandon Craig, and Ensign Cassandra Ezi. Commander Faranfey also promoted two of her officers this shore leave: Lieutenant Aigle Phos to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and Ensign Brandon Craig to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

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