USS Doyle investigates mysterious silence from colony

USS Doyle investigates mysterious silence from colony

OMICRON HERCULIS SYSTEM – The USS Doyle crew was sent to the Omicron Herculis System to investigate the silence of a Starfleet colony only to be met with a series of unfortunate events.
Breaking News
Rogue Klingon Birds of Prey took the Doyle by surprise and kidnapped the HCO Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ceciri Hakashri. The meaning behind this seemingly deliberate attack is still unknown. The Doyle and her crew are making every effort possible to rescue the officer as well as complete the mission assigned to them. In addition the Doyle is attempting to fight back against any further attacks made against the Birds of Prey.
In Other News
A Bioweapon was unleashed on the Planet’s surface and has killed all life on the surface. Two away teams were sent down to the planet to investigate the situation. The first one was led by First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly to check out the colony. And the second team was sent to get readings on a storm, led by Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Phos.
Crash Landing
Lieutenant Commander Phos and her team managed to crash land on the planet after observing a massive storm. Their current status is alive and curious about what happened to the planet and the colony. They are currently exploring an underground cavern.
Medical Alert
Lieutenant Commander Holly is currently in the other shuttle with her team awaiting the shields of the Doyle to come down long enough for the shuttle to safely dock. The Commander’s team suffered exposure to the bio-agent while on the planet due to an Ensign’s clumsiness and an ambush that resulted in nearly all of the team taking damage and infecting them due to their now pierced bio-suits. Upon their return to the Doyle they will need to spend some time in the Isolation/Quarantine ward while they find a cure.
Saboteur Alert
Somewhere on Deck thirteen of the Doyle is a person who has been sabotaging the ship from the inside out, who this person is is still unknown. The Deck is currently under lockdown and is still being investigated by Marines and Security.
When asked about the going ons, this is what some of the crew had to say:
“I’m starting to see a pattern in the Doyle’s Missions – we keep dealing with planetary disasters!” – First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Holly.
While dealing with a shuttle’s power systems, Aurora was overheard saying, “I don’t think I am certified to handle these systems… “
When getting a drink, the Doyle’s lounge was experiencing technical difficulties which flustered the lead cook, Riordan, who had this to say when asked about the difficulties: “I don’t understand why these appliances keep malfunctioning!”
Amusingly it seems the Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Alexander Bishop, seemed in the dark throughout their latest mission: “Well to be completely honest, at the time, I had no fraking clue why we were in the biosuits to begin with.” Later we found that his whole team was infected anyway, so perhaps they were useless.
Finally, we caught up with the esteemed Captain of the Doyle, Commander Selene Faranfey, who had this to say, “If you are looking for what happened on our latest mission, then you will have to go through Starfleet command. Now, would you step aside, you’re blocking my exit.”

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