February Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

February Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A, fresh from returning from DS9, was now enjoying their remaining shore leave on Duronis.Some, like Ambassador Della Vetri and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea, got used to their new digs at the Embassy.
The crew received the most joyous news when Fleet Captain Toni Turner went into labor, and gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Breeanna Turner-Tallis, or Bree for short.
Shore leave had to end sometime, and Starfleet got the USS Thunder crew in action. Most of the senior staff, with the exception of Commander Alucard Vess and Captain Turner, now on maternity leave, were tasked with assisting a Laudean archaeological expedition in the Quentisi Mountain Range. Gathering their teams together, they set off for the site…
Meanwhile, back at the Embassy, a visitor…a Romulan ambassador, requested a meeting with Ambassador Vetri and the remaining senior staff. His purpose…to gain the release of the Romulan assassin T’Ana, and return her to the new Romulan Republic. All was not smooth, as the ambassador was attacked shortly after his shuttle arrived, but it did not deter him. Several remaining crew members were en route to try to identify the perpetrator…the believed second assassin…before he/she could strike again…..

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