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Ops plot summary for June

Finding themselves stranded in a pivotal moment in Earth’s history, the crew of the USS Victory NCC – 362447, and their recently promoted Captain, raced to recreate the Moon Landing

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Condolences to family of Tanang

Ensign Tanang, a recent graduate of our Academy and member of StarBase 118 Ops, has passed away due to complications resulting from a terminal illness. We send wishes our condolences

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10 Years of StarBase 118 Operations!

Monday, May 26th marks 10 years of simming on the StarBase 118 Operations Yahoo! Group list. While the Ursa Major/Kodiak list holds the record for longest continuous simming (9 years

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Monthly Ship Summary: Ops

Still without their memories, some the crew continues on course with the revolt. While the people from the kingdom fight against the Lord’s soldiers the XO, CSO and CMO, who

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Simmings Tips Column

“How to avoid backsims and how to regain missed opportunities” By: Captain Rocar, Commanding Officer, Duronis III Embassy Ever missed someone’s post and had to backsim after the plot had

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Monthly Ship Summary: Operations

The crew’s attention initially focused on the large anomaly which had been approached the StarBase. This anomaly, which has come to be known as “Ares”, engulfed the StarBase as he

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