March for Starbase 118 Ops & the USS Victory

March for Starbase 118 Ops & the USS Victory

Ops ThumbnailThe trip through the gravimetric hole lead the crew to Odyssey station. During the transition through the anomaly, multiple crewmembers experienced images of things that had, or could have been.  Coming out on the other side, it was quickly determined that a telepathic wave had flowed out and encompassed the ship for an unknown purpose.  Moments later, the ship was pulled onto the station by a powerful tractor beam.  As the crew disembarked from the runabout, they were met by a holographic entity called a “Greeter”.  They were informed that they had to abide by a code that prevented weapons from working.  Further questions didn’t reveal what was most important, where Anya and David Cody could be located. Unwilling to separate, the crew slowly investigated the huge station, areas of which were large enough to accomodate a starship. While there, other “travellers” were met, describing a transportation system that worked by taking the user to the location they subconsciously desired most, something that was proven when Doctor MacLaren’s dog suddenly appeared among the crew!  Now under even more of a time crunch before the crew’s subconscious desires might send them anywhere, the Dragon-like creature Puncdor that they’d met, combined with the dog Hope’s nose, were able to find the two lost crewmembers.  Commander Cody was found, but locked in a coma after his experience and Anya had lost her memories from the Captain. Tired, the crew returned home to SB118 and shore leave.

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