Starbase 118 Operations Through December

Starbase 118 Operations Through December

Ops ThumbnailAfter the strain and stress of the Klingon machinations, the crew came back to share the station with the Mercury, Apollo, and Achilles. Commander Cody provided additional spirits to pass out, but none of that explained Lt. jg Silveira’s rousing rendition of “Kung fu fighting” expertly modified to describe the recent battle.  Thankfully the only other karaoke mishap was caused by the first officer, who wondered what “carrying oaks” had to do with singing. The evening as a whole passed with friends across the ships, new and old, enjoying each other’s company before going their separate ways.
The questions about the holo-matrix clone of the captain, Anya, forced more serious discussion after the party.  The command staff reviewed what and how the clone was created and what to do next.  Captain Nicholotti made the decision to share all of the details with the crew, despite the concerns.  The crew’s reaction was mixed.  Everyone was shocked both by the possibility of Anya’s creation, as well as the likely implications to Commander Cody and Anya.  However, they equally were supportive of doing whatever it took, within regulations, to keep both safe and part of the family.
This was important, as early the following morning, Greeters from the Odyssey Station have come calling to collect their holo-matrix “sister” and revealed that the Commander Cody on the station is only a projection of the real one, still on Odyssey!
Follow the crew of Ops into January here!

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