September Plot Summary: StarBase 118 Ops

September Plot Summary: StarBase 118 Ops

The station’s preparation continues, with the Victory being readied for Thracia’s defense, and the defense fleet on active patrol. At the same time, the deployment of a detection grid is hindered by a meteor that is revealed as having traveled at warp speeds to arrive, and composed of materials that would normally indicate a starship.   A localized power source had clouded the assassination attempt, when it was revealed that a former friend of one of the crew was in possession of a personalized cloak, and was investigating outside of the normal chain of command.
Meanwhile, inside the station, the threat to the Captain is realized, as Lt. jg Colt takes a knife in defense.  What isn’t known at the time by Mr. Colt is that the Captain he is defending is an advanced bio-holographic matrix, cloned as Nicholotti.  A clone that has developed an active personality, and refuses to allow herself to be shut off! Later, Doctor MacLaren worked with the FO to help him recover from the post traumatic stress he’d experienced after the previous mission’s shadow attacks had resulted in some inaccessible memories. As these disparate elements are dealt with, the crew prepares for the mission briefing that will see them entered once more into the fray.
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