July Plot Summary: StarBase 118 Ops

July Plot Summary: StarBase 118 Ops

The Shadow creatures that had been discovered by the crew earlier turned out to be a mixture of a new race from the Nebula, and that races “catch”; the crew of the USS Calgary.  Several chiefs, including the Captain and First Officer were attacked by the shadows, draining away their emotional and physical energies and leaving those affected in varying stages of emotional distress.
The crew discovered some devices on the Calgary that had been used to keep some of the shadows at bay, and modified them to begin driving back the shadows from the station.  Finding a device that created a link to the nebula, the shadows were enticed to release the USS Calgary crew on threat of their destruction.  Keeping their word, the shadows were sent back into the nebula.  This was a death sentence for those creatures, as there was no food present.  However, since the nebula was empty of life due to their previous “feeding” it was deemed the least dangerous answer.  The crew has now entered shore leave, physically and emotionally exhausted.
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