April for Starbase 118 Ops and the Victory

opsThe crew returned to Starbase 118 with a sense of relief.  The physical and emotional stresses of the last mission had taken their toll, and the crew gladly accepted the announcement of leave.  Commander Orman chose to use this time to leave for a fighting tournament, while the FO and others spent the first night relaxing at the pub.  Of course, SB118 is never boring, even on leave.  Immediately the following morning, the Captain and FO received orders that a new first officer was arriving within moments.  Lt. Commander Matthews arrived to tension amongst command as they tried to work out the intricacies of the new situation.  In happier news, Doctor Maclaren was asked “the question” by Marine Captain Dubeau, a proposal happily accepted and announced at the meet and greet for the new FO, along with the promotions of Lt. Silveira and Lt. Livingston.  The holodeck made for a great place to talk and enjoy the beach, but the newly repromoted Captain Walker spiced things up by creating a circus tent.  And under the big top, the members of the starbase could see themselves taking on the roles of various circus performers! Not to be outdone, Lieutenant Silveira brought real steaks to be grilled, as well as a piano to support the songs to be sung.  Through it all, Captain Nicholotti felt strongly the loss of stability in the past days, and that of Commander Cody, still in a coma.

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