January for Starbase 118 Operations

opsIn early January, the Greeters’ arrival on SB118, combined with the abduction of both Commander Cody and Anya, brought forth a massive complication
The complication in question came in the form of dragon-like creatures who flew out of the same gravimetric anomaly the Greeters appeared to use.  Creatures that appear to use magnetism to fly through space, and had killed the crews on several freighters in the area.
Despite the urge to drop everything and go for the lost, the crew boarded the Columbia and flew out to the Azure Nebula to deal with the creatures.  During the trip there, the crew tried to determine how to repel the creatures, and for some, how to use the anomaly to get to the Odyssey station.
As the ship dropped out of warp near the nebula, the crew first sighted one of the creatures.  Unfortunately, it was a distraction to allow the others to get close enough to attack the ship.  In moments, the creatures clawed their way into the ship, slicing into sickbay, engineering, and the bridge.  The creature on the bridge turned out to be a juvenile of their kind, lacking the bloodlust of the adults, the bridge crew was able to begin communicating. The adult’s attacks elsewhere showed the creatures ability to cut through both walls and forcefields.  Worse, only with heavy phaser rifles, and long seconds, were they able to kill them two of them.  A minor victory, bought with the wounds of the crew.

Follow the crew of Ops through February here!

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