November Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Ops

November Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Ops

As the Victory entered the desired coordinates, joined by the Achilles and the Apollo, the culmination of the Klingon plot was revealed.  The captain, knowing the Klingons were monitoring the signals, literally called them out.  The message that was immediately replied to by the Klingon commander, who thanked the Apollo and Achilles for bringing the Victory “to justice,” along with the “war criminal” known as Captain Nicholotti.  Tensions rose as the Klingons, acting contrary to their normal nature, continued to taunt and talk, but not fight.  Instead, they held back, cloaked, as the Thracian Alliance formally allied with the Federation.  Unbeknownst to the Federation ships or Captains, this was the point Klingon Commander Krax had waited for.  The first trap was a salute for fallen comrades, that just happened to look like 15 torpedoes being fired at the ships.  Fingers began pulling the trigger to fire back, before realizing the trick.  Feeling that this was the ploy, Captain Jaxx ordered the Klingons out of the area, something that, surprisingly, Commander Krax agreed to.  His plan manifested in a seemingly suicidal manuever, slowing moving between the allied ships, and calling back the torpedoes…onto his own ship!  Just as the first torpedoes hit, the warship fled into warp, causing a warp bubble rupture that was magnified by the multiple torpedoes.  Rocked by the resulting backlash, but glad that the situation had been resolved, the Victory limped home to a welcome home party.

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