February for Starbase 118 Operations and the USS Victory

February for Starbase 118 Operations and the USS Victory

Ops ThumbnailThe attacks on the ship lead to a number of key injuries.  Doctor MacLaren and Commander Breeman were hurt, but able to continue.  Commander Walker’s injury, however, revealed an additional twist.  A sentient shadow-like creature had been “sharing space” in the officer’s head.  Realizing the security concerns, he was confined to sickbay as the rest of the crew determined how to proceed.  The dragon-creatures had caused enough damage to prevent the ship from transitioning to Odyssey station, so the crew would have to move via runabout and fighter escorts. Fighters that would have their phasers reconfigured to red/orange lasers, making them more effective against the dragon-creatures.
Meanwhile, Doctor MacLaren used a vulcan mind meld to contact the sentient and Commander Walker within his head.  Captain Nicholotti, needing her FO, approved the potentially dangerous plan to have the Doctor connect to Walker’s mind and put the sentient to sleep.  It wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but enough to complete the mission.  Using the nano-tech probes used to restore Commander Breeman’s hand, Commander Walker’s injuries were similarly corrected.  As the runabout prepared to leave, the Captain  gave out a number of battlefield promotions to the now Lieutenant MacLaren, Lieutenant JG Nevarass, and Marine Captain Dubeau.  Turning toward the front of the runabout, she warned everyone to “Hold on!” as she piloted the runabout toward Odyssey station and the people stolen from them.

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