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USS Vigilant Plot Summary for July

The crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 continued their first contact mission on the Asavii homeworld. During a tour to a farm bubble, part of Asavii Biodome 5, Major Leo Handley-Page’s team witnessed a battle between a monstrous Ele-lacor, a type of sea serpent, and several Asavii subaquatic craft. Disaster struck when one of the craft veered out of control and impacted with the bubble wall, causing it to begin to ship sea water. Despite the team’s escape and rescue of the Asavii pilot, the crew found themselves facing danger as more Ele-lacor arrived, summoned by a mysterious carrier signal, and the dome’s internal support systems began to fail.

Assisting in the evacuation, the crew did everything they could to support the launch of the generational ship, designed to bear the citizens of the biodome to a new home. Through a co-ordinated effort, they were able to stabilise the structure for long enough to allow the evacuation to take place, provide support to injured Asavii as they arrived on their new ship and evacuate the people’s leaders and some of their religious and cultural documents and artifacts. In the process, acting captain, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard, became trapped in a flooding maintenance conduit, having to resort to desperate measures to free a team-mate from the threat of a watery grave.

Against the odds, the absolution was launched and all hands from the Vigilant made it back to the ship, although some of them were not quite in one piece…

June for the USS Vigilant

The USS Vigilant has found an inhabited O class planet whilst exploring the Zeta Gelkis Region. Further investigation reveals that the native species live underwater in enormous biodomes and of the 7 detected only 5 are powered and populated.

Ruins on the surface and on submerged land suggest that the planets water level used to be significantly lower. It seems that the native species, the Asavii lived on the surface before building the biodomes and moving underwater.

May Plot Summary: USS Vigilant

Fractured across multiple timelines, the crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, were running out of time to prevent themselves from being drawn into the anomaly that had already once led them to their untimely demise. As the pressures of a graviton shear began to crush the ship’s hull like paper, the crew battled to co-ordinate attempts to re-route power and keep the Vigilant in one piece. Following theories developed by Lieutenant Dueld taJoot, the largest groups of crew, under the command of Captain Diego Herrera, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard and Lieutenant Commander Jen Malcolm, began to reconfigure the warp core to project a static warp field that could kill the anomaly at its source.

With time running out and levels of chroniton radiation increasing, two fragments of the crew were able to complete their mission. However, with power levels failing and two crew already lost in a series of disastrous events, it looked as though Dr. Malcolm’s group would be unable to finish the job. Thanks to some timely intervention by Ensign Kydy, a last ditch attempt saw the temporal anomaly begin to collapse…

…returning the crew of the Vigilant to the point in time where they originally discovered it. In the face of what seemed to be a collapsing anomaly and a message from Starfleet Command assigning commendations from the department of temporal investigations, the crew continued about their usual business. Not a soul remembered what had happened… or did they?

April for the Vigilant

IntrepidAfter some shore leave, the crew of the USS Vigilant set off to see explore some of the unexplored areas of the Zeta Gelkis region. It didn’t take them long to find something interesting and they soon found themselves looking at a spatial anomaly with some very interesting properties.

The anomaly was found to be emitting large amounts of chroniton radiation and gravitons. Before they had enough time to really figure out what they were looking at the ship got trapped in a powerful gravimetric shear preventing them from being able to break away and move free.

As the anomaly slowly grew in size and pulled the ship into its giant maw the crew scrambled to try and find a way to get free or shut the anomaly down. There were a number of creative ideas including using a tetryon warhead to collapse subspace and let it suck in the anomaly, ejecting the warp core and using it to blast away from the anomaly. Unfortunately there was not enough time to execute any of the ideas as the ship was mere minutes from being crushed.
The ship rattled and strained against the overwhelming forces and the crew faced death bravely as the seconds to impact counted down. All hands were lost as the ship was torn apart and completely destroyed by the anomaly, however death was not the end….

Even though they have been fragmented into different time frames, the crew must work together to prevent their permanent demise.

March for the USS Vigilant

intrepid090Investigating Zalkonian station Ea-435, the crew of the USS Vigilant found themselves with many mysteries to solve. While medical and science teams raced against time to develop a cure for the biotoxin that had infected Lieutenant Commander Eerie after an EV suit breach, the two Zalkonians who had been rescued from the station struggled to regain their erased memories. As Lieutenant (j.g.) Dueld taJoot worked with a combined engineering and intelligence team to piece together the events that led to the contamination of the station, more and more disturbing evidence of a Zalkonian plot to cripple Federation technology and personnel began to come to light. Worse, following the successful reintegration of one of the Zalkonians’ memories by Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard, it became apparent that the very people who had been rescued from the station had been key players in developing the biotoxin in the first place.

The pressure intensified as the Vigilant’s away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Leo Handley-Page fell victim to a long-forgotten security measure that trapped them aboard the station. Right on cue, five Zalkonian cruisers arrived to strongarm Captain Diego Herrera into denying one of the rescuees’ request for political asylum. With no other option and facing insurmountable odds, the Vigilant returned the Zalkonians to their people before returning to Federation space to pass on the valuable intel that they had recovered.

February for the USS Vigilant

IntrepidHaving laid over at Deep Space 6 for repair and resupply, the USS Vigilant has now taken the first steps on her journey into the Zeta Gelis region.

Answering a distress call from Zalkonian Space Station Ea-435, the Vigilant crew have found evidence of an as yet unexplained atrocity: every member of the station’s crew compliment has been killed dute to the widespread release of a concentrated biotoxin, save for two men, located in the station’s command centre. While the finger of suspicion would seem to point directly at the survivors, their claims to have lost their memory have been corroborated by Lieutenant Ilyazi Malon’s Rodulan telepathy.

Detailed scans of the biotoxin from the ship’s astrometrics lab have revealed that it was created synthetically. The implications of such a discovery are truly worrying, as is the concentration of the toxin within the station. Teams from the Vigilant have beamed aboard to attempt to piece together the mystery of what happened aboard station Ea-435 and determine the reasons behind the biotoxin’s creation.

So far, every question seems to have led to another question. Who are the mysterious survivors? What secrets does the space station hold? And why haven’t the Zalkonians answered their own distress call?

January for the USS Vigilant

intrepid-exiting-wormholeAfter the attacks, the USS Vigilant cew managed to regroup aboard the ship. A team went to the Assembly under Captain Diego Herrera to make a speech and presentation to the Zakdorn political leaders to convince them to remain allies of the Federation rather than switching allegiances to the Klingons. After Herrera and Ensign Ambrosia stood before the Assembly, extolling the virtues of the Federation, Lieutenant Commander Reinard made a presentation to the Zakdorns showing the economic and diplomatic benefits of Federation membership. This led to the Stratagema Game with Ensign Fox (with Doctor Malon’s telepathic assistance) defeating the Klingon agent within the Zakdorn dissident faction. Lieutenant Commander Eerie’s intimidating presence made sure no trouble broke out as his colleagues delivered their addresses. Back on the ship, Dr. Davis and Lt. Brown dealt with a virus that had infected a number of the crew, and Lt. Thomas readied the engines for lift off.

Meanwhile a team consisting of Lieutenants Foster, Matthews, Zehn and Ensign taJoot, under Lieutenant Commander Page – returned to the Zakdorn capital to discover evidence of Klingon subterfuge. They discovered a cloaked bird of prey!

The Zakdorns’ decision to stay with the Federation further increased once the Klingon agent Dalal and the bird of prey were exposed to the populace. The Klingons made their escape, with the Vigilant’s maiden voyage being to pursue them. In the vicinity of the planet, the Vigilant forced the bird of prey to flee, and also disabled a Klingon cruiser that had been lying in wait.

Follow the crew of the Vigilant through February here!

Lower Decks: LTJG Richard Matthews

Matthews-plainLTJG Richard Matthews has been around for a short while now, enough to make himself a bit of a name aboard the USS Apollo, but having been transferred as a new face aboard a brand new ship, he hopes to do much of the same aboard the Vigilant. Here to tell us a bit about the character, the writer for Mr. Matthews is anything short of  average.

The Vigilant Through December

intrepid-exiting-wormholeCalled to Zakdorn IV to report for a high-stakes mission that could prevent a change in the balance of power in the Beta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Vigilant have been thrown into the deep end. As a dissident movement urges the Zakdorn Assembly to abandon their place in the Federation and join the Klingon Empire, a diplomatic team from the USS Vigilant has begun a campaign to sway public opinion back to the side of the Federation. While Captain Diego Herrera prepares an address for the Assembly members, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard has been given the task of preparing a press release that will reach a huge number of voting Zakdorn. Meanwhile, Ensigns James Fox and Ilyazi Malon are preparing an ace-in-the-hole that could trump the Klingon dissidents and win the Federation even more supporters.

Meanwhile, not far from the shipyards where the USS Vigilant has almost been completed, a team of officers led by Lieutenant Commander Eerie has been taken hostage by the very technicians they had been assigned to protect just as the dust settled from an overt Klingon attack. In the capital, Lieutenant Commander Leo Handley-Page and his team of investigators have just discovered a message sent from the Zakdorn Assembly building to the shipyards on an encrypted Klingon frequency. Could this be the first big step towards uncovering the roots of the dissident issue?

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One-on-One With Captain Diego Herrera

First of all, why the character change? What makes Diego Herrera a better captain for the Vigilant than Tallis Rhul?

After resolving a major plot arc, Tallis has reached a point in his career where his reasons for joining Starfleet in the first place have been fulfilled and he is turning his attentions to other matters, such as family. Diego, on the other hand, is definitely the type of character who I could see in a Starfleet uniform until retirement age. Those members of the fleet who’ve had a chance to write with him (he was my secondary for two years, and served on the Eagle, the Challenger-A and at the Duronis II Embassy) will know that he’s a lot more levelheaded and laid back than Tallis. He majored in both medicine and counselling at the Academy, has served in both positions in the fleet, and while one could argue he’s not seen the front lines of combat quite as often as Tallis has, he’s been in his fair share of scrapes and encountered some very interesting situations! With this chance to switch to command red, I’m very much looking forward to adding a new aspect to his character, and as I writer I certainly think that he has the right skill set to take on the responsibility of captaincy.

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