USS Vigilant

USS Vigilant Plot Summary for July

The crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 continued their first contact mission on the Asavii homeworld. During a tour to a farm bubble, part of Asavii Biodome 5, Major Leo

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June for the USS Vigilant

The USS Vigilant has found an inhabited O class planet whilst exploring the Zeta Gelkis Region. Further investigation reveals that the native species live underwater in enormous biodomes and of

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May Plot Summary: USS Vigilant

Fractured across multiple timelines, the crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, were running out of time to prevent themselves from being drawn into the anomaly that had already once led

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April for the Vigilant

After some shore leave, the crew of the USS Vigilant set off to see explore some of the unexplored areas of the Zeta Gelkis region. It didn’t take them long

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March for the USS Vigilant

Investigating Zalkonian station Ea-435, the crew of the USS Vigilant found themselves with many mysteries to solve. While medical and science teams raced against time to develop a cure for

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February for the USS Vigilant

Having laid over at Deep Space 6 for repair and resupply, the USS Vigilant has now taken the first steps on her journey into the Zeta Gelis region. Answering a

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January for the USS Vigilant

After the attacks, the USS Vigilant cew managed to regroup aboard the ship. A team went to the Assembly under Captain Diego Herrera to make a speech and presentation to

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The Vigilant Through December

Called to Zakdorn IV to report for a high-stakes mission that could prevent a change in the balance of power in the Beta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Vigilant

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