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June for the USS Vigilant

The USS Vigilant has found an inhabited O class planet whilst exploring the Zeta Gelkis Region. Further investigation reveals that the native species live underwater in enormous biodomes and of the 7 detected only 5 are powered and populated.

Ruins on the surface and on submerged land suggest that the planets water level used to be significantly lower. It seems that the native species, the Asavii lived on the surface before building the biodomes and moving underwater.

During the course of their investigations the crew discover the Asavii are warp capable and detect a massive warp capable ship docked underwater near one of the biodomes.

The decision was made to make first contact with the species and after initial talks the crew of the Vigilant were invited to join the Asavii in biodome 5.

Chairman Volhv Oskendu, the leader of biodome 5 is in diplomatic talks with a team led by Lt Cmdr Reinard. The Chairman seemed keen to make a good impression and has put on two tours for the guests. One group is learning more about Asavii religion and culture with the sinister religious leader Honored Speaker Bram. He has shown them the shrine to the water god Zolrak that they worship. Another group has gone with Supervisor Geerf, the Asavii head of engineering to learn more about their technological and scientific achievements.

Outside the dome one of the biggest predators in the sea has collided with the dome as Asavii hunting parties try to drive it off.

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