The Vigilant Through December

intrepid-exiting-wormholeCalled to Zakdorn IV to report for a high-stakes mission that could prevent a change in the balance of power in the Beta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Vigilant have been thrown into the deep end. As a dissident movement urges the Zakdorn Assembly to abandon their place in the Federation and join the Klingon Empire, a diplomatic team from the USS Vigilant has begun a campaign to sway public opinion back to the side of the Federation. While Captain Diego Herrera prepares an address for the Assembly members, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard has been given the task of preparing a press release that will reach a huge number of voting Zakdorn. Meanwhile, Ensigns James Fox and Ilyazi Malon are preparing an ace-in-the-hole that could trump the Klingon dissidents and win the Federation even more supporters.

Meanwhile, not far from the shipyards where the USS Vigilant has almost been completed, a team of officers led by Lieutenant Commander Eerie has been taken hostage by the very technicians they had been assigned to protect just as the dust settled from an overt Klingon attack. In the capital, Lieutenant Commander Leo Handley-Page and his team of investigators have just discovered a message sent from the Zakdorn Assembly building to the shipyards on an encrypted Klingon frequency. Could this be the first big step towards uncovering the roots of the dissident issue?

Follow the Vigilant‘s crew into January here!

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