May Plot Summary: USS Vigilant

May Plot Summary: USS Vigilant

Fractured across multiple timelines, the crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, were running out of time to prevent themselves from being drawn into the anomaly that had already once led them to their untimely demise. As the pressures of a graviton shear began to crush the ship’s hull like paper, the crew battled to co-ordinate attempts to re-route power and keep the Vigilant in one piece. Following theories developed by Lieutenant Dueld taJoot, the largest groups of crew, under the command of Captain Diego Herrera, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard and Lieutenant Commander Jen Malcolm, began to reconfigure the warp core to project a static warp field that could kill the anomaly at its source.
With time running out and levels of chroniton radiation increasing, two fragments of the crew were able to complete their mission. However, with power levels failing and two crew already lost in a series of disastrous events, it looked as though Dr. Malcolm’s group would be unable to finish the job. Thanks to some timely intervention by Ensign Kydy, a last ditch attempt saw the temporal anomaly begin to collapse…
…returning the crew of the Vigilant to the point in time where they originally discovered it. In the face of what seemed to be a collapsing anomaly and a message from Starfleet Command assigning commendations from the department of temporal investigations, the crew continued about their usual business. Not a soul remembered what had happened… or did they?

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