April for the Vigilant

IntrepidAfter some shore leave, the crew of the USS Vigilant set off to see explore some of the unexplored areas of the Zeta Gelkis region. It didn’t take them long to find something interesting and they soon found themselves looking at a spatial anomaly with some very interesting properties.

The anomaly was found to be emitting large amounts of chroniton radiation and gravitons. Before they had enough time to really figure out what they were looking at the ship got trapped in a powerful gravimetric shear preventing them from being able to break away and move free.

As the anomaly slowly grew in size and pulled the ship into its giant maw the crew scrambled to try and find a way to get free or shut the anomaly down. There were a number of creative ideas including using a tetryon warhead to collapse subspace and let it suck in the anomaly, ejecting the warp core and using it to blast away from the anomaly. Unfortunately there was not enough time to execute any of the ideas as the ship was mere minutes from being crushed.
The ship rattled and strained against the overwhelming forces and the crew faced death bravely as the seconds to impact counted down. All hands were lost as the ship was torn apart and completely destroyed by the anomaly, however death was not the end….

Even though they have been fragmented into different time frames, the crew must work together to prevent their permanent demise.

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