USS Vigilant Plot Summary for July

USS Vigilant Plot Summary for July

The crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 continued their first contact mission on the Asavii homeworld. During a tour to a farm bubble, part of Asavii Biodome 5, Major Leo Handley-Page’s team witnessed a battle between a monstrous Ele-lacor, a type of sea serpent, and several Asavii subaquatic craft. Disaster struck when one of the craft veered out of control and impacted with the bubble wall, causing it to begin to ship sea water. Despite the team’s escape and rescue of the Asavii pilot, the crew found themselves facing danger as more Ele-lacor arrived, summoned by a mysterious carrier signal, and the dome’s internal support systems began to fail.
Assisting in the evacuation, the crew did everything they could to support the launch of the generational ship, designed to bear the citizens of the biodome to a new home. Through a co-ordinated effort, they were able to stabilise the structure for long enough to allow the evacuation to take place, provide support to injured Asavii as they arrived on their new ship and evacuate the people’s leaders and some of their religious and cultural documents and artifacts. In the process, acting captain, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard, became trapped in a flooding maintenance conduit, having to resort to desperate measures to free a team-mate from the threat of a watery grave.
Against the odds, the absolution was launched and all hands from the Vigilant made it back to the ship, although some of them were not quite in one piece…

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