January for the USS Vigilant

January for the USS Vigilant

intrepid-exiting-wormholeAfter the attacks, the USS Vigilant cew managed to regroup aboard the ship. A team went to the Assembly under Captain Diego Herrera to make a speech and presentation to the Zakdorn political leaders to convince them to remain allies of the Federation rather than switching allegiances to the Klingons. After Herrera and Ensign Ambrosia stood before the Assembly, extolling the virtues of the Federation, Lieutenant Commander Reinard made a presentation to the Zakdorns showing the economic and diplomatic benefits of Federation membership. This led to the Stratagema Game with Ensign Fox (with Doctor Malon’s telepathic assistance) defeating the Klingon agent within the Zakdorn dissident faction. Lieutenant Commander Eerie’s intimidating presence made sure no trouble broke out as his colleagues delivered their addresses. Back on the ship, Dr. Davis and Lt. Brown dealt with a virus that had infected a number of the crew, and Lt. Thomas readied the engines for lift off.
Meanwhile a team consisting of Lieutenants Foster, Matthews, Zehn and Ensign taJoot, under Lieutenant Commander Page – returned to the Zakdorn capital to discover evidence of Klingon subterfuge. They discovered a cloaked bird of prey!
The Zakdorns’ decision to stay with the Federation further increased once the Klingon agent Dalal and the bird of prey were exposed to the populace. The Klingons made their escape, with the Vigilant’s maiden voyage being to pursue them. In the vicinity of the planet, the Vigilant forced the bird of prey to flee, and also disabled a Klingon cruiser that had been lying in wait.
Follow the crew of the Vigilant through February here!

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