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June for the USS Tiger – A

The USS Tiger-A is currently on course for the New France colony at warp 8. The ship has been requested by the Triceblessed to assist with an epidemic that is ranging out of control. While in route to New France, most of the crew assembled in the Tiger’s Den for a short party before arriving at their destination. It was at this time, that the crew was joined by Ensigns Azin and Mek. If not at the party, many found recreation in the holodeck suite such as Lieutenant T’Mihn. A curious budding relationship appears to be developing between Lieutenants Zerxes and Tagren as well.

As the ship continued toward its destination, it was struck by a gaseous anomaly that enveloped the ship. Primary energy systems were affected as the cloud seemed to be sucking the energy directly from the ship. Despite the drain, the ship was functional and appeared not to be in direct danger. The crew is currently investigating the strange hitchhiker while enroute.

May for the USS Tiger-A

After having their mission cut short, the USS Tiger-A was immediately attacked by a group of unknown intruders. One of them was named Briyal who at one time knew Commander Wilde before arriving on the Tiger. After a tense situation where engineering was compromised by Briyal, the ship began to return to normal activities. During the excitement, Ensigns John Rysegard, Cole Turner, and Anita Deeva arrived and were assigned to their duty roles while operations continued around them. Once it was established that the ship was out of danger, Lieutenants Blair, Tagren, and Zerxes were promoted to the rank of full lieutenant. The ship is now enjoying a short shore leave before moving on to their next assignment.

June 2013′s Featured Bio: Flt Captain Sidney Riley

Fleet Captain Sidney Riley is 7/8 Terran and 1/8 Deltan and while she does have Deltan pheromones in her system it’s not enough to give her problems interacting with others or require her to take the Deltan Oath of celibacy. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2350 and is ten minutes younger than her older, identical twin sister Shannon.

April Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy and USS Tiger A

Embassy Tumbnail Duronis II Embassy

After picking up the Akira Class, USS Thunder, NCC-70605-A, the crew began its long trek back home to Duronis II with high spirits about the new ship and getting back to normal. However, when newlyweds Ambassador Tallis Rhul and Fleet Captain Toni Turner were informed by Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa, that his people were protesting the replacement for the destroyed Cheyenne Class, and asked the the Ambassador would come in advance of the Thunder-A to help defuse the potential threat to the Federation Embassy, they could not deny him.

Now as the Ambassador and Prime Minister travel through the Providences of Til’ahn, Captain Turner is making plans to help in other areas by empathizing the additional science labs, medical facilities, and diplomatic suites of the ship and down playing the weaponry the ship makes available.

Tiger Thumbnail

USS Tiger A

The USS Tiger-A was diverted to the Hermates Sector where a strange distress signal was received. After investigation it appeared to have originated from a Federation Shuttle, The Curie, a Zodiac Class Warp Shuttle that was last heard from in 2271 in the Alpha Quadrant near Vulcan. To make matters worse, the area that the Curie distress signal was received was under the influence of the FTU. Upon arrival to a small planet, the Captain and the First Officer beamed down with an away team to investigate. Their investigation was short lived as they soon came under fire from an unknown enemy. Upon returning to the ship, the Tiger came under attack from an FTU ship under the command of Shaelin Gar. To add one mystery upon another, the FTU vessel was destroyed by an unidentified ship moments after the attack on the Tiger ceased. Fifteen Grendellai, including Shaelin Gar, the leader of the FTU ship was beamed onboard the Tiger as it was breaking up. The crew of the Tiger are currently picking up the pieces of the confusing events that have unfolded.

Lower Decks: Ensign A’ern Zerxes

prometheus004In yet another edition of the Lower Decks, we bring you Ensign A’ern Zerxes from the USS Tiger-A. Having already been a member of various RPG groups in the past, the writer had wanted to come back to the scene for some time, and has finally found a home here with us.

The writer for Zerxes, Jess, hails from Southern Virginia. Among simming here with us, he enjoys a throng of other forms of literature creation including poetry, creative writing, fiction, and he is also the lead writer for a Dallas Cowboys fan/news site. The foreshadowing in the previous statements hints to us  that he also enjoys sports, specifically basketball and football. His love for Trek started back in the early 90’s having watched TNG, beginning during the third season. He specifically recalls the “Best of Both Worlds” episode: “Having [the episode] come so quickly in my viewing experience was probably what sealed the deal for me as a life-long fan. I have since followed DS9 and Voyager, and have seen all the feature films.” Like many of us, he’s done quite a bit of homework.

Lower Decks: Ensign Braydon Jorey

200px-EnsignJoreyIn another edition of the Lower Decks, you bring you a young Ensign from the USS TIger-A, Ensign Braydon Jorey. The writer for Braydon has already made some headway aboard his vessel, having already been kidnapped, placed in stasis and and has come close to losing his mind… Not a bad first day!

October Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

After returning to their own timeline, the crew of the USS Tiger began a voyage to the world of Bilire IV. Most of the crew celebrated a short shore leave time in the Tiger’s Den with a party. During this time, the Tiger welcomed Lady Alana Culemerwin-Devar and her brother Galywn, who would serve as ambassadors to the planet.  It was in a briefing after their arrival that more information concerning the possible Klingon occupation of the Romulan Colony at Bilire was revealed. Once the ship arrived at the colony contact was made with a Romulan named Rit’zah while in orbit. Rit’zah verified that the colony had been strickened with a deadly plaque along with other issues that he refused to identify. Captain Riley and an away team wearing transparent bioprotective coverings beamed down to the planet to investigate leaving the ship under the command of Darius Clack.

September Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

After gaining the confidence of the US Military, Commander Clack’s away team were able to access the buried ship. They were able to penetrate a level to the ship that had been sealed off for decades. Once they entered, they found themselves surrounded by Borg. They found shelter in the ship’s engineering section. Once there, it was determined the the buried ship had enough fuel for liftoff. Commander Clack’s team was soon joined by Commander Townson and others from the Tiger who came to their aid. It was determined that the best option was to fly the ship into the sun thus destroying all evidence. Commander Clack and Lt jg Delores remained behind to guild the ship on its proper course. They were beamed back to the Tiger seconds before it burned up.

Meanwhile, Captain Riley’s team managed to find the location of the Borg device that had been transferred to Westover Army Airfield. They were successful in their mission and returned back to the USS Tiger. Using the borrowed Borg device, the Tiger was able to travel back to its normal time. Seconds upon returning, the ship emerged in the middle of a Klingon and Romulan space battle. A promotion ceremony followed shortly after news of the rising tensions with the Klingon Empire and the Federation had been revealed.

Follow the crew on the Tiger Yahoo Group!

June Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The crew of the USS Tiger A successfully completed their mission to rescue the Tholian scientists from K’tharkk Station.  Having returned the Tholians to their space, the crew found themselves enjoying some much deserved leave.  Being so far away from Deep Space 17, the crew spent leave on the ship enjoying many different activities according to their interests.

On StarDate 238906.29, the ship encountered an unknown vessel on the edges of explored space in the Ithassa Region.  The unknown vessel was traveling at incredible speeds when the Tiger began the pursuit.  As the mystery ship continued to travel at high speed, the Tiger entered a temporal wake that lead to a mini-wormhole. When the Tiger emerged from the wake, it had traveled nearly halfway across the quadrant and the crew found themselves on the outskirts of the Earth’s solar system.

After compiling data, the shocked crew find they traveled back in time to the 1940’s.  The mystery ship arrived decades earlier and crashed in the Arctic.  It is now in pieces buried in a glacier and it appears scientists from the era have taken pieces to study.  To complicate matters further, the trip through time has damaged the Tiger’s warp core and matter/anti-matter injectors.  The crew are currently coming together to assess their situation and try to find a way to return home without disrupting the time line.

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May Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The USS Tiger, NCC-52199-A was responding to two distress signals in deep in the Ithassa Triangle, an area legendary for its strange occurrences.  Upon arrival they found a Free Trade Union vessel adrift: the Morgan’s Bounty. The Tiger beamed an away team on board to help with repairs, and found a somewhat receptive (and deceptive) crew.

Meanwhile aboard the Tiger, metron radiation had begun to alter the crew’s perceptions. Console readings would be appear accurate to one, and yet be completely different to another. Engineering was still reeling from the radiation as well, which had caused intermittent loss of power in certain sections.

The other distress signal had come from a nearby Tholian station, the K’Tharkk. The station was tearing itself apart, and the remaining crew and supplies had been forced into a single room. Infested with an unknown disease and plagued by a station rapidly cooling, the Tholians were near death. However without a functioning radiation shield, the Tiger was unable to assist. Things went from bad to worse as the Morgan’s Bounty collided with the K’Tharkk. This luckily brought the vessels together close enough to communicate, and before long the Tiger was able to beam  aboard the Tholian survivors, as well as those on the Morgan’s Bounty.

Follow the crew on the Tiger-A Yahoo! Group.

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