September Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

September Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

After gaining the confidence of the US Military, Commander Clack’s away team were able to access the buried ship. They were able to penetrate a level to the ship that had been sealed off for decades. Once they entered, they found themselves surrounded by Borg. They found shelter in the ship’s engineering section. Once there, it was determined the the buried ship had enough fuel for liftoff. Commander Clack’s team was soon joined by Commander Townson and others from the Tiger who came to their aid. It was determined that the best option was to fly the ship into the sun thus destroying all evidence. Commander Clack and Lt jg Delores remained behind to guild the ship on its proper course. They were beamed back to the Tiger seconds before it burned up.
Meanwhile, Captain Riley’s team managed to find the location of the Borg device that had been transferred to Westover Army Airfield. They were successful in their mission and returned back to the USS Tiger. Using the borrowed Borg device, the Tiger was able to travel back to its normal time. Seconds upon returning, the ship emerged in the middle of a Klingon and Romulan space battle. A promotion ceremony followed shortly after news of the rising tensions with the Klingon Empire and the Federation had been revealed.
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