Lower Decks: Ensign Braydon Jorey

200px-EnsignJoreyIn another edition of the Lower Decks, you bring you a young Ensign from the USS TIger-A, Ensign Braydon Jorey. The writer for Braydon has already made some headway aboard his vessel, having already been kidnapped, placed in stasis and and has come close to losing his mind… Not a bad first day!

The writer for Ensign Jorey, Shawn Oakes, hails from Toronto, Canada. Having quite a diverse background ranging from psychology and sociology majors, to performing as a singer/songwriter and pianist. He lives nothing short of an “on the go” lifestyle that has lead him to partake in activites like Muay Thai fighting, soccor, modeling from time to time, hking and archery. “… Not really things you get to do in a big city. But so far I am loving the busy, exciting pace of the ‘big city’.”

Shawn’s experience with Star Trek began with TNG, which happened to be on almost every day for him after school. It wasn’t long before he was hooked. “I fell in love with the show right away and had the biggest crush on Deanna Troi. I didn’t spend much time watching tv growing up, but TNG was the exception. Later in life I saw some episodes of DS9 and Voyager, but TNG is still, by far, my fave.” It would appear that there are quite a bit of us out there that may have had some of the same ‘interests’!

Like most of us, Shawn found our community through the use of a single google search, which yeilded him a plethora of information about us. He had to try it out. One of the most appealing things to him, however, was LAMBDA. “I was drawn to SB118 because I saw that there was a LGBT Guild, which I thought was really cool. The idea of playing a gay character in the Star Trek universe just seemed like the coolest thing ever to me!” A quick training week later, he found himself immersed in the world of Trek once more, only on a much different level. “My character is Ensign Brayden Jorey, the new Helm Officer of the USS Tiger-A. My first choice was tactical, but I’m happy with the post.”

When it came to creating his character, Braydon “is inspired from two of my favorite TNG characters: Lwaxanna Troi and Tasha Yar. From Lwaxanna Jorey gets flamboyance, honesty, eccentricity, and a vibrant lust for life. From Tasha Jorey gets discipline, strength, loyality and relentless determination. With Jorey I want to explore Betazoid culture in a way that hasn’t really been done in the tv shows and movies including religion, customs, social norms, and cultural morals. It seems to me, that there is very little ‘canon’ info on Betazoids… especially if you consider what we know about other species (Klingons, Vulcans, Bajoreans, etc.)”

On top of that, there was a more intriguing avenue of thought there. He brought up the idea, that his character might be picking up a bit of slack in terms of staffing. “We have almost always seen Betazoids in social posts like diplomats, counsellors, or negotiators. With Jorey I wanted to see what a Betazoid warrior would be like, so he studies martial arts, combat, weapons and at the academy studied Tactical and was more interested in sports and athletics than talking and psychology.” This outside of the box thinking could prove to be useful and limitless when it comes to character and story creation.

Speaking of which, his posting aboard the Tiger-A has already been one heck of a ride. “Literally moments after being assigned to the Tiger I was abducted by Reapers, put into some kind of stasis aboard their ship and have been trapped in a shared nightmare world with two crewmates. I’m about to form a mind meld with a vulcan to try and get past the nightmares to send a telepathic message to someone from the Tiger. I would say that’s pretty noteable!” He was asked to elaborate a bit on the mission of the Tiger at this point in time. “I think the Reapers are trying to capture the captain in some sort of revenge mission. The Tiger was sent to Bilire IV to help some Romulan Colonists. There was some skirmishes with hostile Klingon forces. The Repears abducted me and two crewmates, destroyed a Klingon ship and then was in a cat and mouse chase with the Tiger. The Tiger caught the Reaper ship and has just sent an away team to rescue those of us abducted. Its all very epic and even though I’ve been trapped in a weird nightmarish world I’ve been having a lot of fun playing out Jorey’s fears. Jorey’s biggest fears are losing his mind and becoming evil. So I’ve been playing out that Jorey keeps losing control and starts to terrorize his other crewmates who are trapped with them. My fave so far is when I described Jorey being transformed into a Borg drone and freaking out an El-Aurian crewmate.

Well now, that isn’t nice! Messing with El-Aurians and all… you should be more careful! Well with the mindset of this writer and the character he has brought forth into the universe, some great writing and history building could very well be in the works for the Tiger-A, and the universe in which we sim. We’re looking forward to seeing this character move forward! Until next time, carry on Ensign!

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