October Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

After returning to their own timeline, the crew of the USS Tiger began a voyage to the world of Bilire IV. Most of the crew celebrated a short shore leave time in the Tiger’s Den with a party. During this time, the Tiger welcomed Lady Alana Culemerwin-Devar and her brother Galywn, who would serve as ambassadors to the planet.  It was in a briefing after their arrival that more information concerning the possible Klingon occupation of the Romulan Colony at Bilire was revealed. Once the ship arrived at the colony contact was made with a Romulan named Rit’zah while in orbit. Rit’zah verified that the colony had been strickened with a deadly plaque along with other issues that he refused to identify. Captain Riley and an away team wearing transparent bioprotective coverings beamed down to the planet to investigate leaving the ship under the command of Darius Clack.