USS Mercury

April for the Mercury and Drake

USS Mercury The rescue of Eyas Wulfantine’s mother was a success, but the senior staff of the Mercury was left with the not-so-minimal task of sneaking back to the Menthar

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February for the USS Mercury

As January ended, the Mercury’s away teams returned from the abandoned DSX with the mystery mostly solved, but with some unanswered questions — for example, the nature of Corporal Sian

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January for the USS Mercury

The away teams on DSX faced escalating troubles in addition to their search for the missing SCE crewmen when Eta Corvi sent out a coronal mass ejection. Although the Mercury

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The Mercury Through December

December found the Mercury crew on leave at Starbase 118 with the crews of Ops and the Apollo, allowing them some much-needed downtime. However, almost directly following the ribbon and

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Congratulations to Commander Cain

The Captains Council of UFoP: StarBase 118 is pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Arden Cain to the Rank of commander. Commander Cain serves aboard the USS Mercury as

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October Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The sudden disappearance of Captain Kells, Councilor Prianna, and the rest was only the beginning as the mysterious abductors vanished from the system almost undetected. Initial attempts to track the

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August Plot Summary: USS Mercury

Following the conclusion of their mission to explore and stabilize the derelict station, the Mercury stayed on station for the arrival of SCE reps and equipment for the revitalization of

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July Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The crew of the USS Mercury has continued their exploration of the derelict space station in orbit above Eta Corvi IV. Interactions with the amphibious and pre-warp Corvian race have

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