September Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The Mercury, with Cardassian Detapa Council Member Prianna and her staff aboard, rendezvoused with the Apollo at Betazed early in the month, and Captain Jaxx shared with Cmdr. Kells the nature of the incipient assassination attempt on the councilor: The rest of the Detapa Council saw her peace mission as a chance to eliminate her, and had hired the assassin themselves. However, Capt. Jaxx was taken ill before the two ships reached Starbase 118, and while both ships took on cargo and new personnel, neither could uncover the assassin(s) and his/her plot.

However, just before the ships departed, intel officer Bale met with Dr. Velana regarding the plot, and ended up a target for a clumsy attempt. Velana was critically injured but stabilized, and the crew carried on toward the shattered Romulan world. En route, Bale uncovered the assassin — Councilor Prianna’s aide — and managed, in his own way, to eliminate him. Meanwhile, preparations continued for the aid-givers as the Mercury approached the colony.

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