Congratulations to Commander Cain

Congratulations to Commander Cain

The Captains Council of UFoP: StarBase 118 is pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Arden Cain to the Rank of commander. Commander Cain serves aboard the USS Mercury as executive officer to the ship and Captain Aron Kells; as the Mercury continues to explore beyond the Federation’s sphere of influence, there’s no doubt that a qualified commander will have much to do.
Commander Cain began his service aboard the Constitution-B as an engineer; he continued in the engineering department of the Ronin before becoming that ship’s chief science officer in late 2388. He worked his way through the ranks after the Ronin crew transferred to the Mercury, and he served as first officer to three Mercury COs in rapid succession: Captain Tallis for a few weeks in April, Commander Unum for a few weeks in April and May, and finally Captain Kells since May, under whom Commander Cain completed his command practical. Commander Cain handled well this revolving door, even serving as acting CO of the Mercury after Commander Unum’s departure, and so he is more than ready for the burden of his elevated rank.
Be sure to offer Commander Cain your congratulations on the forum, and we wish him the best of luck as he moves forward with his command career!

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