November Plot Summary: USS Mercury

November Plot Summary: USS Mercury

Once the crew of the Mercury determined where the captives had gone, acting CO Arden Cain ordered an away team down to the planet’s interior to rescue them. Things did not go quite as planned: The captives, who had managed to escape with the help of Captain Reynolds, found themselves under psychic attack; and the away team, though they landed all right, soon became embroiled in a firefight with some (very real) Klingons. However, the team managed to recover the captives, along with a young, unknown woman rescued by Lt. Isaac Bale.
Once its company was returned, the Mercury set course for Starbase 118 at warp one, the best it could manage after the sabotage and its battle with a Klingon bird of prey. She returned to 118 without further outside incident. However, Lt. Cmdr. Wulfantine was demoted to lieutenant by Captain Kells following his questionable actions in leading the away team into a firefight. Dr. Velana, Lt. Bale, and Captain Reynolds continue their investigation into the woman and learn that she is a powerful psychic. Dr. Velana begins to undergo pon farr.
At month’s end, the Mercury had reached 118 and the crew was released on shore leave.

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