August Plot Summary: USS Mercury

August Plot Summary: USS Mercury

Following the conclusion of their mission to explore and stabilize the derelict station, the Mercury stayed on station for the arrival of SCE reps and equipment for the revitalization of the station, and her crew was the first to hear of Starfleet’s intent to make it a deep space station. The crew enjoyed a short leave before being recalled prematurely when Cmdr. Kells received unusual orders to head to Cardassia Prime to retrieve Prianna, a member of the Detapa Council, and her staff, and then to ferry them to Romulan space to give aid to those colonies that had been attacked by Klingons. The crew went above and beyond in preparing for the councilor’s arrival and, once she was aboard, kept her and her staff comfortable and entertained during the trip to Betazed to rendezvous with the USS Apollo.
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