USS Mercury

June Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The beginning of June found the crew of the USS Mercury on shore leave, and while some chose to enjoy the uninhabited tropical ocean world they’d discovered in the Menthar

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May Plot Summary: USS Mercury

As the USS Mercury, NCC-99812, began its pursuit of the Borg-ified USS Nimitz with its escort of three Cardassian warships, CO Miles Unum was also recalled. XO Arden Cain took

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January Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The USS Mercury NCC-99812 has been assigned a temporary Cardassian liaison officer, Gul Kerena Vetak, who has been assigned to observe the way that a Federation starship crew conducts missions

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The Launch of the USS Mercury

On December 5th, newly promoted Captain Tallis Rhul and the former crew of the USS Ronin launched aboard the USS Mercury, StarBase 118’s first Oracle-class vessel. Captain Tallis was kind enough

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