The Mercury Through December

Mercury ThumbnailDecember found the Mercury crew on leave at Starbase 118 with the crews of Ops and the Apollo, allowing them some much-needed downtime. However, almost directly following the ribbon and promotion ceremony, the Mercury put back into space with standing orders to relieve the SCE at Deep Space 10 and continue rehabilitation to aid Starfleet’s explorative push into the Menthar Corridor. The majority of the ship’s crew was to transfer over upon arrival, but initial teams consisted of less than 20 crewmembers in two teams, under the commands of Cmdr. Cain and Lt. Cmdr. Velana. Trouble soon struck: The away teams discovered that all the personnel left behind on DSX had vanished; that the station’s “spider” maintenance bots had mysteriously reactivated; and that a series of unexplained events left the Mercury without transporter capabilities. Events continue to escalate as the mystery continues….

Follow the crew of the Mercury into January here!