February for the USS Mercury

February for the USS Mercury

Mercury ThumbnailAs January ended, the Mercury’s away teams returned from the abandoned DSX with the mystery mostly solved, but with some unanswered questions — for example, the nature of Corporal Sian Douglas’s unconsciousness after an encounter with one of DSX’s cybernetic “spiders.” However, before inquiries could begin, Captain Kells — reportedly at the behest of Starfleet — ordered the mission completely classified; officers were not even to discuss it amongst themselves. But before the crew could fully unpack this strange directive, they received a message from Eyas Wulfantine, asking for their help: His mother had been sentenced wrongfully to death on his homeworld and he hoped that some of his friends would accompany him to rescue her. Nearly the entire senior staff showed up to take part in this unorthodox mission, and while they suffered from unforeseen complications without the benefit of the Mercury, a passing luxury liner, stolen Gorn shuttle, and other strange transports ensured that the motley group made it to Pythro by month’s end. Meanwhile, back on the Mercury, Lt. JG Richards remained in command and left DSX, where the Mercury had been unloading supplies, to answer the distress call of a freighter that had been caught in the gravity well of a gas giant.

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