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USS Apollo Plot Summary for July

While the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was on shore leave on Izar, home of the Starfleet Tactical School, a small team from the Galaran Resistance Front took hostages in the hotel restaurant. The command staff was enjoying dinner in the restaurant when they were taken hostage. Negotiations on the outside were led by Sundassa Faranster, as they looked to defuse the situation.

After one of the hostage takers detonated a bomb that killed 3 civilians and injured countless more, a rift began to form between the hostage takers. Using this to their advantage, as well as some other tactically minded ideas, the crew was able to neutralize the Galarans and take them into custody.

With the Apollo arriving in orbit from a quick resupply, the crew has begun beaming up to the ship. The next stop for the Apollo is Utopia Planetia for an overhaul to accommodate the new fighter wing and installation of the Quantum Slipstream Drive.

June for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, was on Izar, home the Starfleet Tactical School, enjoying shore leave. They split up and all had different activities they were doing, including cliff diving, beach time, and tours of the Tactical School. In the evening, many of the junior officers retreated to a local pizza shop for dinner. At the same time, Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx and the senior officers were meeting for dinner in the hotel restaurant.

During their meal, members of the Galaran Resistance Front executed a plan to take hostages in the restaurant. Their goal was to shed light on the atrocities happening on their home world. Until now, the Federation has elected not to interfere with the planet, as they are not Federation members. With desperation fueling them, the hostage takers are using this act as a last resort to get outside help for their people.

With every officer ranked Lt. Commander and above being held hostage, it is up to the remaining officers of the Apollo to find a way to deal with the situation, without the help of the command staff. Negotiations are being led by Lieutenant Sundassa Faranster and her team, and only time will tell if they can save the lives of the civilians and their senior officers.

July 2013′s Featured Bio: Lt Cmdr Jalana Laxyn

Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn, a non-joined Trill is the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Apollo. Her dedication to her patients and their needs has seen her progress through the ranks and she has worked her way up to the position of Chief Medical Officer. She is one of few students to graduate the Academy without having first earned the title of Doctor, however she is working on that alongside her regular duties.

She has a mentor, Cayden Adyr who is providing her with support as she goes through the training she’ll receive on the Trill Symbiosis Program. It is her hope that one day she will become joined.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with Major Viktor Lanius who she is in a relationship with. He taught her how to play poker and has been known to cook meals for them, which she particularly appreciates due to being hopeless at it herself. One of the things she can do though is play the Trillian flute, a wooden instrument she has been playing since childhood.

Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn’s bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of July. As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Round 14 is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your own nominations!

May for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, is enjoying shore leave on Izar, home to Starfleet’s Tactical School.  Each member of the crew has found something to interest them during the two day stay.  With the Apollo picking up supplies from a nearby starbase, the crew is truly cut off from work, ready to relax.

At the same time the crew is enjoying themselves, a small team of political freedom fighters from a close-by system.  Hoping to cast a light on their situation, this team of people has the skills to make it a very bad day.  They are gearing up for something, but what?

April for the Apollo and Avandar

Apollo Thumbnail

USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, are about to arrive at the planet Izar for shore leave. Many members of the crew have started planning their festivities. With so much to offer, some are planning a trip to the beach, or even up in the mountains.

While en route to their vacation destination, a couple of strange occurrences have happened. The Chief of Security and a couple engineers are investigating an issue with the replicator system. It has obtained a virus and is replicating odd foods when something is ordered. At the same time, a disappearance has occurred on the ship. On the eve of their arrival, Fleet Captain Jaxx has put two teams on these cases. The hope is that answers will be found before they arrive for shore leave.

The rest of the crew has been socializing in Complex 39, taking in some drinks and conversation. Others can be spotted finishing up some work before their leave begins.

Avandar Thumbnail

USS Avandar

The Avandar crew, with creative use of the asteroid field they were stuck in, managed to drive off the alien raiders that had boarded the ship, even managing to land significant, though not crippling, hits on the attacking vessel despite the ship’s tactical systems being compromised by electronic attack. Fortunately, the fact they were fighting back, plus the arrival of two new ships in the area, drove the raiders to retreat.

The newcomers introduced themselves as an independent military force, a form of freelance law enforcement. Their commander, a Xomite by the name of Challno, agreed to join efforts with the Avandar crew in the pursuit of the Alr’n raiders, who he had apparently been chasing for some time, after being ‘requested’ to hunt them down by a number of worlds who accused the Alr’n of piracy and other similar activities.

Meeting with LtCmdr Dickens and a number of other officers, Challno put forward a trio of possible locations the raiders could be trying to use to fence their stolen goods. Deciding to go along with the idea, despite some doubts about just how truthful Challno was being, the Avandar crew agreed to investigate one of the possibilities, the trading world of Shalin.

Once main systems were fixed, the Avandar got underway with only a few minor issues still plaguing the ship, such as virus-infected replicators spewing large amounts of gagh into any number of places throughout the vessel, much to the annoyance of the crew.

February for the USS Apollo

Apollo-riftThe crew of the USS Apollo arrived in orbit of Quatal Minor to find a violent ion storm taking place on the surface of the planet.  After sending down two away teams to search the research facility, an aging Cardassian freighter entered the system.  Hiding in dampening field caused by a moon in orbit, the Apollo hid to observe the ship.  Due to the position of the moon, the Apollo was forced to leave its cover and confront the ship before it was ready.

After a short game of cat and mouse, the remaining staff members aboard the Apollo beamed over to the Rigek for a routine inspection. Their true mission is to find any illegal materials being delivered to the biogenic weapons facility on the planet’s surface, and get enough evidence for arrest and prosecution.

At the same time the freighter is being inspected, the ground teams have gained access to the research station. Due to the ion storms, communications and transporters are not working.  The ground teams have been able to relay messages to the Apollo via a prototype communications buoy that can launch itself into orbit from the surface of the planet.  All three teams continue to work on their goals and try to put an end to the threat in the system.

January for the USS Apollo

Apollo-riftAs January began, the USS Apollo and her crew arrived at Quatal Minor.  The planet was riddled with ion storms and various atmospheric conditions that made transport and communications impossible.  A scout team was sent down to the surface in a shuttle and reached successfully landed it with minor incident.  Upon their arrival they launched a communication buoy designed to relay a message back the Apollo.

After receiving the message from the surface, the second away team was launched toward the surface to rendezvous with the scout team and prepare to enter the biogenic weapons facility.

After launching the second team, the Apollo broke orbit and moved to the largest moon of the planet.  Part of the moon housed unique properties that would mask the energy signature of the Apollo, in case any visitors entered the system.

Follow the Apollo through February here!

The Apollo Through December

Apollo-riftAfter having taken a bit of R&R at a tri-ship soiree, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 has set course for Quatal Minor, the second planet in the Quatal system, on rumors of biological weapons manufacturing on  the planet’s surface. No one knows just who might be inhabiting the planet, or conducting research of this nature for that matter, but they are intending to find out.

Intelligence on the planet is sketchy, with mixed reports and errors galore already pouring into the Apollo’s intelligence office, but there is a glimmer of hope. Tactical plans are being drawn up using standard Bajoran building schematics on file, as well as a new type of hull plating for the shuttles to deal with the ion storm filled atmosphere of the planet. The angle of approach seems to be one of caution at this point, but no new information has been brought to the table.

One thing is for certain: whoever is behind the research, is not Cardassian. Being that the atmosphere of the nearby Quatal Prime was rendered lethal to Cardassians. The Apollo is set to arrive in a day or two to begin their investigation. Who will they find on the planet? What manner of weapon, if any at all, will they find being tested?

Follow the crew of the Apollo into January here!

Lower Decks: Ensign Debra Cross

debra crossAnother fresh ensign comes to us in this edition of the Lower Decks from the USS Apollo. The writer for Ensign Debra Cross, a security officer, comes to tell us a little bit about himself, and the character he has created. Being new aboard a fairly new ship certainly has its opportunities!

The writer for Ensign Cross, Giles, is from the UK. He works in the cook shop retail business, and among other things, partakes in semi-pro photography (you can check out some of his work by clicking here), and is a certified masseur. In addition to his experience in the arts, he enjoys theater, and has a passion for good food and drink. Having come from a computer oriented background, its no wonder he found our community.

Lower Decks: Ensign Will Stead

Will SteadWelcome to another edition of the Lower Decks, featuring Ensign Will Stead, the USS Apollo’s newest operations officer. Personal quirks are something that the character is quite familiar with, but first, we’ll hear a bit from Will’s writer. Let’s hear just what he has to say… Ensign?

The writer for Mr. Stead is one Trent Schreyer. Trent hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has been involved with Star Trek for most of his life. From watching the TNG reruns around the dinner table, to recalling old TOS episodes from his childhood days, Star Trek has always been a part of his life. When Trent isn’t near the Trek scene, he enjoys the nightlife, a little Star Wars and other gaming, and researching various aspects of the Star Trek franchises. He dabbled in PBeM groups once before, but stumbled back across them through Google, ultimately landing him a seat in the USS Apollo. “This is my first character since simming with a pbem group when I was 18 ish (13-14 years ago).  [ I’m] Looking to explore this hobby and develop my writing skills.”

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