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May for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, is enjoying shore leave on Izar, home to Starfleet’s Tactical School.  Each member of the crew has found something to interest them during the two day stay.  With the Apollo picking up supplies from a nearby starbase, the crew is truly cut off from work, ready to relax.

At the same time the crew is enjoying themselves, a small team of political freedom fighters from a close-by system.  Hoping to cast a light on their situation, this team of people has the skills to make it a very bad day.  They are gearing up for something, but what?

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Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti has been a member of the Starbase 118 Fleet now for over five years and she still loves it just as much as she did when she joined. The joys of writing for a character that's truly come to life, coupled with the friends she's met throughout the Fleet, has made 118 a part of her daily life.
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