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July Featured Bio Winner

Rear Admrial Jaxx is a high ranking Betazoid officer of great renown having commanded the USS Victory, Starbase 118 Ops and the USS Apollo. A great many officers have served and thrived under his leadership but he started out just the same as any officer and first served as a counsellor aboard the USS Challenger in 2384. From there he worked through the ranks and did a spell as a strategic operation officer as he took his first steps into command as second officer aboard that ship. From there he was first officer aboard the USS Resolution before moving back into the role of strategic operations officer aboard the USS Eagle. In 2387 he was transferred to the USS Victory as first officer and would later become its commanding officer.

Outside of work fitness is important and Jaxx loves to work out, he can often be found in the holodeck playing sports such as racquetball, fencing, skiing or sparring and is notably, one of few Betazoids who can use a Bat’leth. He is an avid swimmer and spends as much time in the water as is reasonably possible.

He likes socialising with and getting to know his crew and will scrub in and help even the lowliest of crewmen, often much to their surprise! He is an excellent judge of character and is able to quickly assess new officers and decide whether he will like them or not. There are very few people on his bad side but thankfully they generally have the sense to keep out of his way.

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March Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

With the Borg incoming, and the major component of the Omega, the boronite, still not dealt with completely, the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was put on a tight deadline that had members of the crew questioning the ethics of the Omega directive. Put to the test, Ensign Eileen McClaran hatched a plan to create and detonate another Omega within the event horizon of the first detonation, which should mask the boronite, as well as making the area treacherous to travel through. She was to perform the task with only one assistant, so to limit the possibility of the Borg collecting this information.

At the same time, Lieutenant Commanders Sundassa Faranster and Jalana Laxyn were preparing an evacuation, getting medical, food and security supplies ready. While Ensign Kaliantha Hawn was holding down the fort in medical, keeping one of their injured from bleeding out.

Meanwhile, Commander Tal Tel-ar suggested a means of destroying the second cube by taking one of the shuttles filled with anti-matter torpedoes on to the Borg cube. With the shuttle inside the shield, he would set it up blow up after he is teleported out into space. Two marine pilots, Lieutenants 1st Class T’Aven and Karolina Cranford got wind of this, and offered up their services to rescue and assist the Commander.

Once everything was in place, the evacuation commenced and got all the families, civilians, and non-essential personnel off before the Borg were engaged. Then the Apollo sped to meet them, preventing the Borg from splitting up.

February Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

Upon arriving in the Boreia System, on the far edges of the Beta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 found what they were looking for. It appeared to be a pre-warp species that had developed the Omega molecule. With two inhabited worlds at war, it was a race to find something that could be used as a weapon to end the decades long conflict. Just like other species before them, they were unable to harness the power of Omega. After successfully neutralizing what was left, the crew discovered a massive boronite deposit in the system. Concerned, it could be used again, they began finding a way to eliminate the boronite from the system.

While working the problem, the Apollo detected something they wished they hadn’t. Two Borg vessels were inbound, no doubt looking for Omega. Knowing that they would harvest the boronite and assimilate anyone with knowledge, the Apollo crew continued working on eliminating the boronite before setting a course to intercept the Borg vessels. Knowing reinforcements were far out, and only few vessels were capable of reaching their position, the crew began searching for a place to offload non-essential crew as they prepared to take the ship to her limits by taking on the Borg before they could reach the system.

January Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, at the request of Lieutenant Alexander Williams, celebrated Christmas, with a party; complete with tree, refreshments and music.

During the down time, the Apollo regained Commander Tal Tel-ar in the role of Chief Operations Officer, and Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster’s brother also came to the ship. Lieutenant Commander T’Mar and Ensign Kyla Kirosa tried to go through a training exercise until they ended up on the receiving end of a prank by Lieutenant Dade Triston that involved snow, and Borg elves.

Once everyone got back to work, and they started moving towards their next mission, Jaxx ordered for the ship to go into the slip stream. They were full speed ahead until the ship sensors picked something up, and dropped out of the stream, cutting the engines and locking everyone out of their terminal, only displaying the symbol for Omega. The Captain requested the data, unlocked the terminals and locked himself away in his ready room, as everyone stared on in confusion. The Omega molecule was detected, and now they were left with trying to figure out how to handle it. The Apollo was designed to serve as a special ship that could be called in to neutralize Omega. Once the crew was briefed, the Captain initiated the Omega Directive.

December Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

After the crew of the USS Apollo had been notified of the death of late Lieutenant Marcus Raiden, they all made their way back to the ship. One of the Apollo’s Dark Star pilots had captured and transported those responsible for the death of Raiden to the USS Apollo. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx, Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster and Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn made their way back to the ship. Jaxx and Laxyn went to sickbay to find out what killed Raiden, while Faranster went to the bridge to get caught up. This included greeting the new officers, and being notified of a Klingon guest looking for Lieutenant JG Alexander Williams, that was being entertained by Major Viktor Lanius.

Once it was discovered that Raiden had succumbed to poison, Jaxx set the new counselor, Ensign Hail Samford, to work at planning his memorial. She enlisted a few members from operations to help her achieve her goal. At the memorial, a message that Raiden had recorded prior to his death was played, and the crew mourned or celebrated in honor of him.

Lieutenant Alexander Williams, not wanting the only big celebration during the shore leave to be in mourning of a death, so close to a holiday close to his heart, took it upon himself to start planning a Christmas party for those on the Apollo that celebrate the holiday.

November for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669, were on day 3 of their mission when the real ‘fake’ gods arrived. The “gods”, upset that there was lack of fanfare, and noticing that Starfleet was on the planet they setup as a cash cow, set a plan in action. Part one sent the mayor up to the camp with a highly dangerous touch based poison, without her knowledge. Part two set the village on fire. They planned on escaping during the chaos, however Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx, and Lieutenant Marcus Raiden cornered them, forcing them to give up the antidote for their freedom. Lieutenant Commander T’Mar led a team to put out the fires, while Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn started treating the mayor for the poison, and ended up infected. During this time, two others ended up infected as well, and forced Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster to return to her role as doctor, briefly.

After Jaxx let the “gods” go, Raiden went after them anyway, disobeying direct ordered, which resulted in his death by poison. The crew decided their help didn’t out weigh the harm they were doing, and packed up to go home. On the way back to the gate they were notified by a search team of the untimely death of their colleague.

October Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

The crew of the Apollo, having gotten to planet Eridea through the Iconian Gateway, decided to relieve the people of the responsibilities of the false gods before shutting down the gate, in a way that would leave the Eridean’s beliefs intact. A group of officers went to see the Mayor, to tell her that her people would only have to take care of themselves. Lieutenant Commander Laxyn went to the healer to teach her how to heal without the advanced tech they had been given by the fake gods. A group went to the mines to blow up the entry and prevent access to the radiated mines, but their errand ended up getting Lieutenant Commander T’Mar stuck in a cave in, buried under rubble.

While that was happening, a fourth group went to talk to the Priest to explain that the offerings were going to cease so they his people could thrive. This caused the priest to become violent, attacking Lieutenant Pierce, and stealing his phaser. The cave-in provided the perfect place for the priest to stage a further attack on the Apollo crew, before he was subdued.

Our History, Our Times: The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part VII

This is the seventh installment of “Our History, Our Times”, a news series that examines Federation history and SB118′s place within that history. This historical news series will continue with the most recent history and make its way back to explore major events and notable SB118 fleet actions. This instalment focuses on the current year (2 years after the Hobus Supernova) and the Klingon Invasion of Thracian Space.

The Klingon Invasion of Thracian Space:

General Ma’Tag, operating outside of the Klingon High Command, organized a fleet to invade and occupy the Thracian System. The USS Victory, USS Achilles, the USS Apollo, and the Thracian Irregular Fleet engaged with the Klingon fleet. Neither side would directly fire at each other. In the end, the Klingons blinked and set off an explosion outside of their warp bubble, creating a massive shockwave.

“Far be it for me to judge the entirety of a race, but we’ve seen it before in Earth history and in the history of a hundred different worlds. There is always someone ready and willing to step in where a vacuum exists. In this case, the aftermath of the Hobus supernova presented a prime target to one who might take advantage of a bad situation. The fact that the Klingons don’t recognize the Thracian Alliance, and consider them Romulans as well, only helped to catch the fledgling Alliance in the middle of an already nasty situation.” – Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

A new Federation protectorate is spread throughout the sector. Though the Klingons are not happy with the new protectorate, and still refuse to recognize the neutral zone alliance, they avoid further attacks in the area in order to maintain whatever strained relations they have with the Federation.

“As for the Federation and our relations with the invaders, I personally am wary. For now, there exists a fragile peace, but with little word coming from either Romulan or Klingon space, I am concerned that by the time we hear of what is to happen next, it will be far more problematic than we’d imagine.” – Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

On the Next “Our History, Our Times”:

The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part VIII – Prologue

Being in the middle of where all three powers meet, Romulan, Klingon, and Federation, it’s not hard to see the kind of dramatic impact the invasion had on everyone.” – Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

September Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 managed to stumble across an Iconian Gateway on an empty planet. The senior staff took the opportunity to explore the other side of the gate before following the mandate to shut it down. As they emerged on the other side, it was not clear where the planet was located. But the inhabitants of the planet believe the crew of the Apollo to be their gods coming to collect their offering. Splitting up, the crew noticed that the level of technology the people of the planet Eridea should have, and what they did have were vastly different. They had advanced technology to help in growing crops, and quite a bit of mining technology.

With the various teams looking at different aspects of life, it was discovered that the mines housed a natural occurrence of latinum and they were forced to mine it. Those some mines were filled with radiation and it was slowly killing off those that worked in the mine. The crew put a plan in place to cure the people of Eridea and shut down the mines once and for all. The only problem was that the gods were due to return before the crew could be complete in righting the atrocities on the planet.

USS Apollo Plot Summary for August

The USS Apollo, NCC-71669 departed Utopia Planitia after receiving some upgrades. Along with the Quantum Slipstream Drive, the ship was modified to house a small fighter wing. With shore leave in the Sol System wrapped up the crew of the Apollo headed back to the Typhon Sector, testing out their new propulsion system. The drive performed as expected and in no time, the ship arrived at the far end of the sector.

Upon exiting the slipstream, the Apollo picked up a unique energy signature originating from a nearby system. As the ship approached, the crew tried to determine what the strange signal was. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx dispatched an away team under the command of the newly minted First Officer, Lt. Commander Sundassa Faranster. After reaching the source of the signal, the team was surprised to encounter an Iconian Gateway.

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