Lower Decks: Ensign Debra Cross

Lower Decks: Ensign Debra Cross

debra crossAnother fresh ensign comes to us in this edition of the Lower Decks from the USS Apollo. The writer for Ensign Debra Cross, a security officer, comes to tell us a little bit about himself, and the character he has created. Being new aboard a fairly new ship certainly has its opportunities!
The writer for Ensign Cross, Giles, is from the UK. He works in the cook shop retail business, and among other things, partakes in semi-pro photography (you can check out some of his work by clicking here), and is a certified masseur. In addition to his experience in the arts, he enjoys theater, and has a passion for good food and drink. Having come from a computer oriented background, its no wonder he found our community.
Like many people who join our ranks, Giles was pulled into our PBeM group via a simple Google search. “SB118 stood out over others,” says Giles, and it was enough to rope him in. Having grown up as a sci-fi fan, he had been into Star Trek since an early age. He lost touch for a short time, but since Star Trek‘s apparent reboot with a new onslaught of movies and the like, he’s taken a reignited intrest in the subject. It isn’t all polished nacelles and sparkly conduits though. Giles did make one candid remark about his interests: “…sorry to the diehard trekkies  here, but I am more of a Firefly and B5 fan.” It’s okay, we still love you…
Debra Cross pulls a lot of old time feel from a character that Giles once used, and he has done well to re-create her with Cross, not to mention give himself a streamlined vessel in which to re-enter the community. “… I have lots of ST RPG PBEM experience,  mostly playing engineering and security/marine, I decided it would be easier to get back in playing security, as I’m a little rusty on Trek engineering…”. The character building process this time around was much the same as it had been in the past for him, starting with the character’s psyche and moving on up the ladder. He took what he knew already about the character, and fine tuned it, letting things just fall into place as he went. He makes a rather interesting point; “I found that if I have to work hard at a character they never work as well.”
Ensign Cross has just recently discovered that through her time as an instructor in the Academy, she had already met and taught the chief of security aboard the Apollo, Lieutenant T’Mar. Giles hopes to see where this relationship of sorts might end up in time. As for Cross herself, she hopes to make a name for herself in the field of security, and to avoid a trip to the brig herself. The security duty post wasn’t her first pick, having come from the marine corps, but seeing where the journey takes her is the name of the game now. Surely, finding herself aboard the Apollo will be a journey to remember indeed. Ensign, carry on!

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