USS Apollo Plot Summary for July

USS Apollo Plot Summary for July

While the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was on shore leave on Izar, home of the Starfleet Tactical School, a small team from the Galaran Resistance Front took hostages in the hotel restaurant. The command staff was enjoying dinner in the restaurant when they were taken hostage. Negotiations on the outside were led by Sundassa Faranster, as they looked to defuse the situation.
After one of the hostage takers detonated a bomb that killed 3 civilians and injured countless more, a rift began to form between the hostage takers. Using this to their advantage, as well as some other tactically minded ideas, the crew was able to neutralize the Galarans and take them into custody.
With the Apollo arriving in orbit from a quick resupply, the crew has begun beaming up to the ship. The next stop for the Apollo is Utopia Planetia for an overhaul to accommodate the new fighter wing and installation of the Quantum Slipstream Drive.

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