February for the USS Apollo

February for the USS Apollo

Apollo-riftThe crew of the USS Apollo arrived in orbit of Quatal Minor to find a violent ion storm taking place on the surface of the planet.  After sending down two away teams to search the research facility, an aging Cardassian freighter entered the system.  Hiding in dampening field caused by a moon in orbit, the Apollo hid to observe the ship.  Due to the position of the moon, the Apollo was forced to leave its cover and confront the ship before it was ready.
After a short game of cat and mouse, the remaining staff members aboard the Apollo beamed over to the Rigek for a routine inspection. Their true mission is to find any illegal materials being delivered to the biogenic weapons facility on the planet’s surface, and get enough evidence for arrest and prosecution.
At the same time the freighter is being inspected, the ground teams have gained access to the research station. Due to the ion storms, communications and transporters are not working.  The ground teams have been able to relay messages to the Apollo via a prototype communications buoy that can launch itself into orbit from the surface of the planet.  All three teams continue to work on their goals and try to put an end to the threat in the system.

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