The Apollo Through December

The Apollo Through December

Apollo-riftAfter having taken a bit of R&R at a tri-ship soiree, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 has set course for Quatal Minor, the second planet in the Quatal system, on rumors of biological weapons manufacturing on  the planet’s surface. No one knows just who might be inhabiting the planet, or conducting research of this nature for that matter, but they are intending to find out.
Intelligence on the planet is sketchy, with mixed reports and errors galore already pouring into the Apollo’s intelligence office, but there is a glimmer of hope. Tactical plans are being drawn up using standard Bajoran building schematics on file, as well as a new type of hull plating for the shuttles to deal with the ion storm filled atmosphere of the planet. The angle of approach seems to be one of caution at this point, but no new information has been brought to the table.
One thing is for certain: whoever is behind the research, is not Cardassian. Being that the atmosphere of the nearby Quatal Prime was rendered lethal to Cardassians. The Apollo is set to arrive in a day or two to begin their investigation. Who will they find on the planet? What manner of weapon, if any at all, will they find being tested?
Follow the crew of the Apollo into January here!

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