April for the Apollo and Avandar

April for the Apollo and Avandar

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USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, are about to arrive at the planet Izar for shore leave. Many members of the crew have started planning their festivities. With so much to offer, some are planning a trip to the beach, or even up in the mountains.
While en route to their vacation destination, a couple of strange occurrences have happened. The Chief of Security and a couple engineers are investigating an issue with the replicator system. It has obtained a virus and is replicating odd foods when something is ordered. At the same time, a disappearance has occurred on the ship. On the eve of their arrival, Fleet Captain Jaxx has put two teams on these cases. The hope is that answers will be found before they arrive for shore leave.
The rest of the crew has been socializing in Complex 39, taking in some drinks and conversation. Others can be spotted finishing up some work before their leave begins.
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USS Avandar

The Avandar crew, with creative use of the asteroid field they were stuck in, managed to drive off the alien raiders that had boarded the ship, even managing to land significant, though not crippling, hits on the attacking vessel despite the ship’s tactical systems being compromised by electronic attack. Fortunately, the fact they were fighting back, plus the arrival of two new ships in the area, drove the raiders to retreat.
The newcomers introduced themselves as an independent military force, a form of freelance law enforcement. Their commander, a Xomite by the name of Challno, agreed to join efforts with the Avandar crew in the pursuit of the Alr’n raiders, who he had apparently been chasing for some time, after being ‘requested’ to hunt them down by a number of worlds who accused the Alr’n of piracy and other similar activities.
Meeting with LtCmdr Dickens and a number of other officers, Challno put forward a trio of possible locations the raiders could be trying to use to fence their stolen goods. Deciding to go along with the idea, despite some doubts about just how truthful Challno was being, the Avandar crew agreed to investigate one of the possibilities, the trading world of Shalin.
Once main systems were fixed, the Avandar got underway with only a few minor issues still plaguing the ship, such as virus-infected replicators spewing large amounts of gagh into any number of places throughout the vessel, much to the annoyance of the crew.

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