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Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs Part 2

We are back this week with another one of those ageless ice breakers, maybe a little more subtle then our last but certainly an important question among us Trekkies if it ever needs asking that is. This week the question is: which Trek series first introduced you to Star Trek?

It has been said that each Trek series is more of a set of characters in the Trek universe then it is a set of tv shows. It is how those characters interact and approach the problems that they are faced that makes us want to watch them even more and even leads us to watch other Trek titles. If you really think about it, no matter if your watching a scene on one of the Enterprises or a bar fight in Quarks, Trek isn’t so much about the environment as it is people in it as the go boldly etc etc in it. Although I am hardly qualified to say, I suppose that is one of the defining features of the thing we call Star Trek. And this week we want to know which set of characters got you hooked.

So whether you grew up watching from the very first TOS episode or got hooked by the Abramsverse, we want to hear which it was that got you interested? As always please feel free to comment after you vote on the forums because that is half the fun.

Enjoy everyone.

Poll of the Week: What’s it good for?

This week we are going to take a look at what some might call a darker aspect of the characters we write. Despite the fact that Star Trek was first created with an utopian mindset it is clear as time has gone on, just like human societies today, that a certain amount of xenophobia or on the lesser end of the scale racial/species intolerance openly exists amongst many of the species we play. Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians and even Ferengi (just to name a few of the more known species) have displayed some of these traits to varying degrees and it does make some sense if mankind is anything to judge by.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way suggesting that xenophobia is alright. In fact it’s anything but okay. While a healthy mistrust might help keep a young species alive after making first contact, by its very definition, the irrational tendencies portrayed by those xenophobes would just as easily start wars leading to the extinction of an entire species as seen in other science fiction stories. Admittedly this is a rather extreme reaction but as the old saying goes, words of violence often lead to acts of violence.

One of the great things about simming is that we often get the chance to explore topics like this with our characters. With that in mind I pose this question; Is your character xenophobic of any particular species? And if so, in what way and how much does that show in your simming? What does it all mean to you? As always only share what you feel comfortable with. Although I hope that everyone will stop by the forums and share a comment as well as vote and remember to have fun.

Go for it everyone.

Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs

Quite normally questions like “what is your favorite anything in this category?” is reserved as ice-breaker topics. Whether that be as a way for a pair of new room mates to bond or to start discussion on a web forum. So it should came as no surprise that these types of topics have been discussed once over the years then forgotten in a community like ours. I mean what is usually the point of talking about the same thing over and over again and I have absolutely no doubt that eventually people would start losing interest, I know I have been in that position. Even though these questions remain eternal the people discussing them do change bringing new opinions to the table and in turn bringing a fresh enjoyment to a question or topic that would appear to be as stale and dusty as something really old and forgotten.

So we are going to kick this new series, depending on how you look at, off with a classical question and that would be: Which is your favorite Star Trek Next Generations movie? From Generations to Insurrection and Nemesis and who could forget First Contact which is argued to be one of the best Star Trek movies prior to the Abramsverse (which I am not going to comment on here). While fewer in titles then the earlier TOS era movies they are certainly all brilliant Star Trek movies but which is your favorite and why?

No matter what you think, this is the time and place to share it in as a comment or just a vote but I certainly would encourage you all to share your thoughts (as much or as little as you feel comfortable with) on the forums because that’s what makes these polls timeless and enjoyable to revisit. I hope.

Have fun everyone.

Poll of the Week: Why should the heroes get all the credit?

Since the dawn of time the whole world, it would seem has been fairly obsessed with the idea of a hero in both literature and real life. And while finding examples of real life heroes are more debatable (but not unheard of and certainly not impossible), you can’t go far in a library or even when watching tv without coming across examples of heroes on the page or screen whatever the case maybe. Whether they wear capes and masks and save the day with x-ray vision or fight the forces of evil with nothing but a sword and a wizard beside him, these men are always larger then life and inspiring as they fight for the whats right.

Poll of the Week: Beat that Beat

ConductorWith the forums back online and glitch free that means that once again, Poll of the Week returns and with it yet another fun poll. Now despite a perfect poll appearing with the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness, in the form of what everyone thought of the movie I thought that I would do something a little different and instead focus on sounds (or more precisely music) that is often forgotten when we all talk about a movie. But in my experience without this music the movies we watch would hardly be worth watching in my opinion.

Poll of the Week: On the chopping block

potw: canceledYes, it’s that time of the week, the day that we introduce another fun poll for everyone’s enjoyment so lets get on with it. Now I am sure almost everyone can relate to looking forward to watching a tv show week by week and all of a sudden one week you get the rude surprise that your favorite show has been cancelled. Or perhaps even more torturous is when you get to the end of a season with an epic cliffhanger and tonnes of plot potential only to once again find out that show has been given the axe. I personally can’t count the times that has happened to me.

No matter what the reason given by the companies behind these shows or perhaps the people that employ those companies, more often then not once a show has been cancelled we rarely see them again. Sure with the advent of the DVD we can now own those gems for our endless viewing pleasure but that just isn’t the same as seeing a much needed continuation of a story line that was cut short before its time.

Some shows like this are Firefly, Dark Angel, Stargate: Universe,  Veronica Mars, Twin Peaks and Jericho. Trust me when I say the list goes on and on as I found out when I did a little digging into this one. With that said this poll isn’t so much about dwelling on what we have lost but looking to what we would like to see more of (even if it is just a dream at this point in time). So this week we ask the question: Of all the shows that were tragically cut short, which would you like to see a reboot of?

Now I am going to pass this one over to you. Remember commenting on the forums is what makes these polls fun so stop by when you get a chance.

Poll of the Week: Hardly a mirror image

Terran Empire EmblemOf all the phenomena that we have seen in Star Trek, few could be said to be as problematic, dangerous, or even as convenient as the Mirror Universe. So named for creating a parallel and often opposite universe to the one that we all enjoy simming in, this alternate reality or alternate dimensional plane, as it is officially described, has been a long-running feature across several Trek series.  In particular the Mirror Universe was seen in The Original Series, Deep Space Nine, and briefly in Enterprise. Despite the tragic circumstances, we even have the Mirror Universe to thank for prompting the commission of one of our ships of the SB118 fleet, the USS Tiger-A.

That brings us to this week’s poll, which is: What do you think of the Mirror Universe? Are you a fan who would love to see more or even have encounters with this deadly dimension in sim, or do you loath to sit through a Mirror Universe episode? No matter what your stance, we want to hear more from you on the forums, whether that be opinions of the various episodes or even memories of in-character adventures from on the other side. Remember, voting is only half the fun.

It is all up to you; so have fun!

Poll of the Week: Masks, Capes, and Spandex

SuperheroesThis week’s poll is brought to you thanks to a suggestion made by Ensign Wanda DyAmone of the USS Drake. Thank you for your suggestion. Remember everyone that if you want to see something specific in a weekly poll, please add your suggestion to the suggestion thread, and I will get back to you usually before the next poll is released.

Another big genre in films, books, comics, and games is that of superheroes. It is easy to see how tales of men and women dressing up in vibrant outfits, possessing amazing supernatural abilities, and having a passion for fighting crime are so compelling. The idea of such a person overcoming injustice and battling evil is quite inspiring, not to mention fun to see. You all know what I am talking about, as there are as many superheroes as there are planets in the galaxy. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Catwoman, and the Invisible Woman are just a few. The list goes on and on, but if there is one thing that all of these superheroes have in common, besides flashy costumes (most of which include some form of spandex and masks), is that they all have appeared in their own movies. Some even appear in more than one movie, not counting the remakes!

It seems that as popular as superheroes are in comic books and TV series, they are just as popular with movie producers. So, it seems that no matter how old the hero or heroine is in terms of when they were originally created in Hollywood, studios will continue to produce superhero movies and will continue to remake the classics. Take for instance the most recent Batman trilogy produced by Christopher Nolan. But, is there a point where some heroes simply do not need to be featured in their own films? That is to say, are there some heroes or heroines that shouldn’t even get to the silver screen? And if that is the case, which ones do not deserve to be given the honor of being made into multimillion dollar film icons.

Now, as usual it’s time for you to voice your opinions and comment, as well as vote, on the forums. There are so many to choose from, but I am sure that you all have some ideas. I know that I do, after all of those morning cartoons featuring the everlasting classics. But, we want to hear what you have to say. Remember voting is just half the fun.

Have fun everyone!

Poll of the Week: Does it belong?

In front of the boxThis week, we move away from the philosophical and more toward the trivial matters, as we explore a Trek-related poll. There are many differences in the world of Star Trek compared to that of Earth today. In Star Trek, technology is advanced, communicating with people over longer distances is easier, and it is possible to travel between the stars. Also in Star Trek, war, famine, and disease have, for the most part, been eliminated on Earth.

Those are big changes, if our future is anything like the one in Star Trek, with a lot of time elapsing before reaching those advancements. But in all, it seems that another big change will be made along the way. That change is that people will stop watching television by the early 2200’s. I would not be able to come close to answering why that will happen, but it’ll be evident that people will no longer enjoy sitting in front of the “box” watching their favorite shows.

It seems that the television will go from a valid method of acquiring newsworthy information, which it does to the slightest degree, to a source of entertainment, and finally to a relic of the past, like the antique television that sat in Tom Paris’ quarters on the USS Voyager. But, this poll isn’t designed to discuss how future people will spend their spare time when they’re not flying starships or playing on the holodeck. Instead, it asks if you think this is the direction that should be taken.

So, this week’s question is this: Do you think that the television will still have a place in Earth culture in, let’s say, three hundred years’ time? Now, whether you think that it should stay around or if it should be the next popular display in museums is up to you. Remember though, it is your comments as well as your votes that really make these polls fun. So, be sure to visit the forums and have your say.

So, stay tuned, and have fun everyone!

Poll of the Week: The future of evolution?

Khan, from Memory AlphaLooking back in terms of history, it can be quite surprising to see what we, the humans of the 21st century, have built and just how far we have come. With the first civilizations, such as the Greeks and the Egyptians, dating back only a mere six thousand years, it does make one wonder where humanity will be in another one hundred years, let alone six thousand. There is no doubt whatsoever that six thousand years is a really long time, and that would probably be the understatement of the century. Despite how far mankind has progressed in terms of civilization and technology, it is also extraordinarily fair to say that humanity hasn’t really evolved much during that time.

Sure, a person may live longer in this day and age than his or her counterpart might have back in ancient times, but that says more about our living conditions and the medicines available than how we have evolved to survive. Now, just think about this one for a brief second; just imagine what humanity was like one hundred thousand years ago, let alone nine hundred thousand years before that. Suddenly, six thousand years is starting to look like a blink of an eye to those figures. I guess the point I am trying to make is that way back then, we were oversized chimpanzees that slowly evolved, relatively speaking, into what we are today, and that human evolution has become more about fine-tuning what we are than it is about removing tails and growing thumbs. But, if that’s the case, what does that mean for humanity? Has our evolution became stunted?

The answer to that question throughout many science fiction stories, Star Trek being no exception, is of course genetic enhancement programs whereby a person’s DNA is manipulated to create a better human. One notable example of this is Doctor Julian Bashir seen throughout the Deep Space Nine series, and who can forget Khan. As evidenced by Khan’s existence, science of 2380’s can quite easily give “birth” to people who are physically stronger, see further, possess better coordination, and are even capable of superior intellect. And that would only be the tip of the iceberg if such medical fields became commonplace.

Now, with all that in mind, the question for this week’s poll is this: If it were possible, should such genetic manipulation be permitted in either the Star Trek universe or the real world? Remember that voting is only half the fun; so be sure to leave a comment on the forums because where this goes is up to all of you.

Have a blast!

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