Poll of the Week: Hardly a mirror image

Poll of the Week: Hardly a mirror image

Terran Empire EmblemOf all the phenomena that we have seen in Star Trek, few could be said to be as problematic, dangerous, or even as convenient as the Mirror Universe. So named for creating a parallel and often opposite universe to the one that we all enjoy simming in, this alternate reality or alternate dimensional plane, as it is officially described, has been a long-running feature across several Trek series.  In particular the Mirror Universe was seen in The Original Series, Deep Space Nine, and briefly in Enterprise. Despite the tragic circumstances, we even have the Mirror Universe to thank for prompting the commission of one of our ships of the SB118 fleet, the USS Tiger-A.
That brings us to this week’s poll, which is: What do you think of the Mirror Universe? Are you a fan who would love to see more or even have encounters with this deadly dimension in sim, or do you loath to sit through a Mirror Universe episode? No matter what your stance, we want to hear more from you on the forums, whether that be opinions of the various episodes or even memories of in-character adventures from on the other side. Remember, voting is only half the fun.
It is all up to you; so have fun!

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