Poll of the Week: On the chopping block

Poll of the Week: On the chopping block

potw: canceledYes, it’s that time of the week, the day that we introduce another fun poll for everyone’s enjoyment so lets get on with it. Now I am sure almost everyone can relate to looking forward to watching a tv show week by week and all of a sudden one week you get the rude surprise that your favorite show has been cancelled. Or perhaps even more torturous is when you get to the end of a season with an epic cliffhanger and tonnes of plot potential only to once again find out that show has been given the axe. I personally can’t count the times that has happened to me.
No matter what the reason given by the companies behind these shows or perhaps the people that employ those companies, more often then not once a show has been cancelled we rarely see them again. Sure with the advent of the DVD we can now own those gems for our endless viewing pleasure but that just isn’t the same as seeing a much needed continuation of a story line that was cut short before its time.
Some shows like this are Firefly, Dark Angel, Stargate: Universe,  Veronica Mars, Twin Peaks and Jericho. Trust me when I say the list goes on and on as I found out when I did a little digging into this one. With that said this poll isn’t so much about dwelling on what we have lost but looking to what we would like to see more of (even if it is just a dream at this point in time). So this week we ask the question: Of all the shows that were tragically cut short, which would you like to see a reboot of?
Now I am going to pass this one over to you. Remember commenting on the forums is what makes these polls fun so stop by when you get a chance.

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