Poll of the Week: Why should the heroes get all the credit?

Poll of the Week: Why should the heroes get all the credit?

Since the dawn of time the whole world, it would seem has been fairly obsessed with the idea of a hero in both literature and real life. And while finding examples of real life heroes are more debatable (but not unheard of and certainly not impossible), you can’t go far in a library or even when watching tv without coming across examples of heroes on the page or screen whatever the case maybe. Whether they wear capes and masks and save the day with x-ray vision or fight the forces of evil with nothing but a sword and a wizard beside him, these men are always larger then life and inspiring as they fight for the whats right.
But time does move on. Now a days women are just as capable if not more so in some cases then men so why should they not be able to stand up and take on the struggles that were once thought of as a mans role. While medieval and fantasy genres typically reserve the role of a hero as a male-orientated concept (The knight in shining armor or the courageous hunter) popular culture and science fiction based stories are more progressive and more accepting. Why shouldn’t a girl be allowed to fight vampires or even why can’t the captain of a starship be a woman?
While the answers to these questions may have been radical even for the times they were originally answered its these questions that have inspired this week’s poll. So this week we are asking; who is your favorite science fiction heroine? While the choices might be many, what is important is that you vote and add a comment and have a little fun while you are at it.
Because that is what these polls are all about; taking a semi-serious topic and having fun with it. so drop by the forums and join in the fun.

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