Forum Roundup: Quotes Threads

Did you know that Appreciations Forum holds a bunch of fun threads displaying the best quotes of our active ships and starbases?  These are places for players of each ship

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Dear Kr’Abby: Ponderous Questions

Dear Kr’Abby, A Betazoid in a bar told me that the Intrepid-class fly through space by flapping their nacelles. It doesn’t sound right, but he was very insistent and I’m embarrassed to

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Taskforce in Focus – Podcast Team

The Podcast Team is responsible for The PADDcast, an in-universe podcast that gets real-world, wide release. The release schedule for The PADDcast is monthly, making the Podcast Team one of

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Taskforce in Focus: Chat Team

The Chat Team is responsible for running several Chat-orientated events, notably the Fleetwide OOC Chat and Fleetwide Watch-a-Longs.  Today we meet with the Chat Team Facilitator Lt. Commander Serala  so

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Dear Kr’Abby: Entertainment Choices

Dear Kr’Abby, I’m really starting to get into Captain Marisol Adventures, the book series (not those terrible knock-off holonovels). It’s starting to impact my work. How can I better balance my time

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Witty Wordsmith: Show and Tell

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” One of the most famous openings in English-language literature, Charles Dickens’ classic is quoted by Admiral James T.

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