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Dear Kr’Abby: Entertainment Choices

Dear Kr’Abby,

I’m really starting to get into Captain Marisol Adventures, the book series (not those terrible knock-off holonovels). It’s starting to impact my work. How can I better balance my time and my relaxation so that I don’t cause problems for everyone? Also, do you read them because they are the best.

Sincerely, #1 Marisol Fan

Dear #1 Fan,

Ah, the simple joys of reading about far away places and fantastic adventures!  While I might personally believe that Captain Marisol would do better with a Bat’leth strapped to her back and a battle targ at her side, there is a pastoral sense of adventure to those tales.  Quite enjoyable.

Reading and relaxation are important past-times that help sharpen your mind and balance your cortisol levels.  Certainly these are desirable effects as they have been shown to reduce the desire to punch your co-workers in the face by over 75% (which is something I don’t recommend unless you are Klingon.  Then please follow all rules of honorable engagement first.)  However too much of anything, including your favorite novels can turn a good thing into a bad thing. Once they start adversely affecting your work you need to consider how you can integrate these thrilling adventures into your day without having a negative effect.

You bring glory to your workplace when you focus on your tasks, so consider using down time to read your novels as a reward for a job well done.  This will make you motivated to finish work and get your reward.  Also consider listening to your favorite adventures in audible format while you do other work.  I especially like listening to Captain Marisol and the Pirates of Penzance while I work on my Mek’leth form.  Very invigorating!

Dear Kr’Abby,

My daughter is just starting to watch holo-shows, what do you recommend she watches?

-A Stressed Out Mom

Dear Stressed,

First things first, read the above and find something you enjoy to de-stress.  Might I suggest the Adventures of Captain Marisol?

Once you have yourself taken care of, there is a wide variety of children’s programming available on the HoloWeb.  Perennial favorites include Blue’s Andorian Clues, Captain Mugatoo and Trill-o-Tubbies.  I personally recommend Orbitron and Glopus, because who doesn’t love the friendship between a blob and his robot.  Besides the songs are catchy and it gets kudos for being entirely written by a robot.

My daughter’s personal favorite children’s show is Billy the Targlet Eats Everything.  You can learn a lot following a baby targ through his travels to eat all the food on various planets, especially good if you have a picky eater.  And his nose is so smooshy!  Ahem.  Lost myself there for a moment.

Whatever you choose, I suggest watching the first two episodes of the show with your daughter and let her choose what she wants to watch, and work from there.

Dear Kr’Abby is written by Doctor B’Rusk, the Federation’s foremost half-Klingon psychologist who specializes in tough-love advice. We take submissions from across the galaxy!

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