Poll of the Week: Does it belong?

Poll of the Week: Does it belong?

In front of the boxThis week, we move away from the philosophical and more toward the trivial matters, as we explore a Trek-related poll. There are many differences in the world of Star Trek compared to that of Earth today. In Star Trek, technology is advanced, communicating with people over longer distances is easier, and it is possible to travel between the stars. Also in Star Trek, war, famine, and disease have, for the most part, been eliminated on Earth.
Those are big changes, if our future is anything like the one in Star Trek, with a lot of time elapsing before reaching those advancements. But in all, it seems that another big change will be made along the way. That change is that people will stop watching television by the early 2200’s. I would not be able to come close to answering why that will happen, but it’ll be evident that people will no longer enjoy sitting in front of the “box” watching their favorite shows.
It seems that the television will go from a valid method of acquiring newsworthy information, which it does to the slightest degree, to a source of entertainment, and finally to a relic of the past, like the antique television that sat in Tom Paris’ quarters on the USS Voyager. But, this poll isn’t designed to discuss how future people will spend their spare time when they’re not flying starships or playing on the holodeck. Instead, it asks if you think this is the direction that should be taken.
So, this week’s question is this: Do you think that the television will still have a place in Earth culture in, let’s say, three hundred years’ time? Now, whether you think that it should stay around or if it should be the next popular display in museums is up to you. Remember though, it is your comments as well as your votes that really make these polls fun. So, be sure to visit the forums and have your say.
So, stay tuned, and have fun everyone!

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