Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs Part 2

Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs Part 2

We are back this week with another one of those ageless ice breakers, maybe a little more subtle then our last but certainly an important question among us Trekkies if it ever needs asking that is. This week the question is: which Trek series first introduced you to Star Trek?
It has been said that each Trek series is more of a set of characters in the Trek universe then it is a set of tv shows. It is how those characters interact and approach the problems that they are faced that makes us want to watch them even more and even leads us to watch other Trek titles. If you really think about it, no matter if your watching a scene on one of the Enterprises or a bar fight in Quarks, Trek isn’t so much about the environment as it is people in it as the go boldly etc etc in it. Although I am hardly qualified to say, I suppose that is one of the defining features of the thing we call Star Trek. And this week we want to know which set of characters got you hooked.
So whether you grew up watching from the very first TOS episode or got hooked by the Abramsverse, we want to hear which it was that got you interested? As always please feel free to comment after you vote on the forums because that is half the fun.
Enjoy everyone.

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